DIY Bridal Sash?
My dress is kind of plain on top, and when I found it I tried it on with a $300 sparkly sash that the salon has, but there is NO way I'm paying that much for one accessory. My mom is pretty good at sewing so I asked her if she would make me one and she said yes but we're still not quite sure how to get crystals onto the sash? I want a thick satin sash instead of a thin ribbon, but we are afraid when she sews crystals onto the satin it will pucker.

Has anyone done this?? I attached a pic of what I'm looking for, except it would be all clear crystals (not rhinestones)

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I would try someplace like JoAnns, they might even have something ready made you would like. If not they should be able to help you figure out how to put it together.

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etsy has some GORGEOUS ones in the $150 - $200 range... i've been stalking them. i have a friend that is a designer that is working with me to design mine though so i can get exactly what i want... i will see if i can find out any tips on the sewing part for you!

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If your mom (or you!) hand sew at all, this would be doable! My sister's dress was actually designed and made by a seamstress. The top was lace overlay with crystals, beads, and pearls. My mother handsewed all the beadwork, and the seamstress did the structual sewing...and mom is just a casual make-the-grandkids jammies type of sewer, lol! Be sure to knot the thread after a few beads so that if for some reason one snags and breaks the thread, the whole design does not disintegrate. You have several months to finish. Good luck!
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