Disney themed wedding centerpieces...
HELP! I am having a disney themed wedding and cant think of any good centerpiece ideas. We were thinking "famous couples of disney" at every table....

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Ooh Ooh! Some other Beauty and the Beast centerpiece ideas (since I love the rose in the case so much).... You could do some candle sticks (Lumiere), a stack of books with teapot on top, lanterns (because she was always carrying one in the forest/castle)...

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Maybe you could find some glass slippers and incorporate them into the centerpieces with candles and roses or something cute. I love the idea of an alice and wonderland type theme with teacups and tea pots of all shapes and colors with different flowers too AHHHH the fun I could have .....

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I love your theme!!! Here are some pics I did for a disney theme party-
Place cards

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The back wall had "autographs" by all the characters :)
The menu

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Thanks again for all the great ideas!

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Sorry ladies, I was chopping my hair off!

When you say Disney, you need to narrow down your theme a bit because it is so vast that it will end up looking like a mish mash of stuff.

For example, mickey and minnie? mickey and friends? prince/princesses (which would be really cute) focus on "fairytales"?

Let me know what direction you want to go and I can probably help a lot!

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Edie, I love that first one! Thats friggen adorable!

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We were going in the direction of "famous disney couples". I had thought of getting each couple, somehow, and setting the figures on the glass in the middle of the tables w/ candles. Our table being Mickey and Minnie. I just think that might be a little boring.

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@ EdieKristen, that first picture you posted is beautiful! I think that would be a wonderful addition to a disney themed wedding!

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i saw the CUTEST one on pinterest the bEAUTY and the Beast enchanted rose

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or here are some other ideas

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The first picture is what we were thinking. Another idea I got off pinterest is, to dip a wine glass in glitter at the bottom put it in the middle of the mirror and put the figurines inside with decoration.

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I want the rose under the glass....Period. Lol.

I love the subtle designs, people who aren't Disney fans may not know, but for those of us who are, it's very exciting! Like Hidden Mickeys! They're subtle.

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We're having a Disney themed wedding as well, However for the centerpieces we're doing simple flowers as to not overkill the theme. We have Mickey Confetti that we hand made on each table and we're doing faux diamonds to tie in Cinderella. We are doing a nod to beauty and the beast because it's our favorite Disney movie and there is a backstory but I won't Hijack your thread! Happy planning and yay for another Disney at home Bride!!!

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love the rose under the glass.... so that table would be Beauty & the Beast... and then the teapot and book would be cute too!!!!!!
so cute love the ideas you ladies all have.

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Figurines might look a little too much like a kids party. I'd take elements from the stories and work that way (like the rose from Beauty and the Beast, the pumpkin coach from Cinderella) but doing it that way might get a bit pricey.

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I love the pumpkin carriage very pretty!

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About how many tables do you have? What if you had each table represent a different Disney movie? Like a Cinderella, Snow White, Beauty, Mickey, etc...you could find really beautiful ways to incorporate each one, without it being too much. You could also have the movie names be your table numbers as well. God, I LOVE Disney, and want to have a Disney wedding so bad, but unfortunately my FH isn't a big fan :(
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