and dresses?
Has anyone purchase bridal or bridesmaid gowns from either sites? I saw that they offer the bms dress that I would really like my bms to have at a fraction of the price that my local bridal boutique is offering it.

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Hayley C™
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And if you are Lucky the quality will be 50% that of the designer dress.
Those sites are knock-off dresses, not the real designer. They are inferrer materials and poor construction.

Good Morning America reported on what you might get for that deep discount

~ Watch the video ~

Also tons of links to WW-brides 1st hand stories and examples why NOT to purchase a knock-off- please read

If you want a dress more in their budget, shop the department stores instead of the bridal boutiques.

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I haven't heard of either of those sites, but I did get mine online (:

I got my wedding dress from . The dress was $1400 in the store, and $215 on the site.

I got the BM dresses from . Those dresses were $275 in the store, and $70 from the site.

Both sites custom made the dresses according to measurements that I gave them (for free) and they are absolutly perfect (: Both sites have 24/7 online chat for any assistance you need (I've used them both). I was able to get custom colors and everything and they stayed in constant contact with me throughout the process. I highly recommend both of these sites (:

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My friend just got a dress from, and the quality is not bad.

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I decided to get my dress from, thinking I would be getting the Sarah Arnett Sophie dress. The reason I signed up for this site is to post a comment about the terrible quality of the dress I received.

I'm not really uptight or super picky, but the dress I got is almost a joke--it looks only vaguely like the dress I wanted. The dress I got is different from the picture in so many ways. It looks like they took another dress and sewed some extra material to make it sorta resemble the basic shape of the dress. I would never have bought it if I'd seen it in person.

I would strongly recommend AGAINST going this route for a cheaper dress. It's a waste of money, and precious time (my wedding is coming up really soon!).

I'm not going to wear the dress. I'm going to get another one from a legitimate source, spend more money, and pay even more for a rush order so that it'll be here in time for my wedding this August.

I will post a picture soon.

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