Different bridesmaid dresses...?
I was just wondering if it would either be tacky or interesting to let each of my bridesmaids pick their own dresses. We would probably go to David's Bridal and I would definitely choose the color that the dresses have to be. I think it looks good on the David's Bridal website, but I have no idea how it looks in person. Does anyone have any opinions and/or suggestions?

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This what we have decided to do. And even more so they are choosing them from different stores. 2 have gone through alfred angelo, 1 david's bridal, and 1 hasn't decided yet.

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I'm letting my MOHs and BM pick there own styles, they just all have to be the same color. I figure if they pick a style that is flattering and fits them well they won't have to have alterations and they will be more comfortable in it all day. Some people say it makes it less uniform but I'm all for not being uniform, all my friends are different and I think their dresses should show off their styles. I can't wait to go shopping with them! They are also all picking their own flowers for their bouquets so those won't match either.
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As a musician that plays for many wedding ceremonies, I have seen this done a number of times. In my opinion, it is lovely, particularly if the gowns are color coordinated. Each bride's maid can choose a style that is flattering to her figure.

Best wishes for a beautiful wedding.

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That isn't tacky at all! I consider that very considerate of you! Just make sure you give them parameters (colors, lengths, formality).

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Yea i love that idea...i would make sure the lengths are close though. I wanted to give them an option but it just so happened that they all liked the same dress and it was flattering on them.

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I am also thinking about letting the girls choose their style of the dress, this way I choose the colors and they can be more comfortable and can save money as well.

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I allowed by bridesmaid to do this but I told them the color they needed to go with. It worked out well, they were more content with their choice especially since they were paying for it. It turned out well and still looked nice for the photographs.

Best Wishes,

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I'm doing this for my wedding in March of 2010. I chose colors but that's about it. I am letting the bridesmaids and maid of honor choose their own style. Most of my wedding party is out of state so I went out and bought ribbon in the exact wedding colors and I'm sending them the ribbon. I figured this way they could take it with them and find dresses to match pretty perfectly. :)

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I have my bridesmaids wearing different dresses and am loving how it is turning out! I picked 21 dresses all in silk crinkle chiffon from Priscilla of Boston and three colors, Olive, Green tea, and Pewter. I let them all pick whatever dress they liked and the color they wanted it in. They are THRILLED with this because they know that they will get a lot of opportunities to wear their dresses (which they love) again. And it just so happened that I have an equal number of each of the colors represented. I will tie it all together with the deep-orange/apricot flowers we are all carrying. All of my girls have a great sense of style and different body types. They all look fantastic and their personalities will shine through in the pictures. I've been the bridesmaid in matchy matchy weddings many times, never liked or felt comfortable in the dress, and never wore them again. I didn't want to waste my friends/family $ like that. Go for it, you'll make everyone really happy.

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This is what I've done also. I think it makes more sense since my girls are completely different shaped and they can pick a dress that they would be more comfortable in.

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Each of my bridesmaids will have a different color dress that they are choosing themselves. I gave them a choice of 4 colors. We are having a fall wedding and are just going with fall colors. So I went to David's Bridal and picked out persimmon, apple, wine and truffle and then they went from there. It worked out so that there will be one of each color. I'm all for not being uniform, each of them are different and since they are paying for it, they should be able to get something they will like and be able to wear again!

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I don't think it is tacky... I also did this, I picked the color and they were free to choose their on dress. I also picked the length so it would look more uniform on the pics… they loved it.

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Everyone else has already pretty much said the same thing and I just had to agree. The only thing I asked my girls was to have the same colors. Otherwise, dress style was all up to them

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I am in 2 weddings next May where this is the case... we are all wearing the same color but we will all be in different dresses. :) I think it looks good and each girl is in something they are comfortable wearing!!! :)

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I dont think its tacky Just make sure that the dresses are the same color because colors vary from designers it may be called the same thing but the color may be different I had that problem when one of my BM's liked a dress it was called pool but was a shade different from the other dresses

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Hi Jenny-
I have had the majority of my recent brides lean in the direction. I would suggest that you attend their fittings to give your opinion on which style looks best on each so you don't have anyone look out of place. The bridesmaids tend to think that this trend better suits them and they end up in a dress they actually like!
Have fun!!

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My bridesmaids are in three different states and I may not even some all of them before the wedding. I went to Home Depot and got the paint chip sample cards in a variety of colors that I thought would coordinate fairly well together. I also suggested a knee length dress since it's a day wedding but if someone decides to go for a long one that's fine too. I feel back enough picking a color they may not all love--I did have them help me narrow it down and take out one color they hate.

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My attendants are wearing different colors. MOH is in black, BM is in eggplant, and Jr. BM's is red/burgundy. I don't think it will look tacky. We picked out the colors in our color scheme. It looks really elegant.

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Hi, I agree. As from a professional point of view, you should go into David's Bridal because the dresses looks different online as they do in the stores. Assist your bridesmaids, but make sure the dresses are something you will feel comfortable with. Different girls have different shapes. Example: halter tops are good for big busted ladies.

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It sounds like everyone agrees! I am doing the same thing for my wedding in September. David's Bridal is a great option for this. I chose my color and let my girls pick out whatever dress they wanted. It worked out perfectly! Everyone is happy and will be comfortable. I think the tackiest thing would be having your BMs fidgeting during the ceremony or looking miserable in the photos. Also, they chose the dress so you don't have to feel bad at the amount of money they ended up spending on the dress! One word of advice though, go with and get them to try them all on together. I lucked out and two of my girls picked tea length and two picked longer dresses so there is still a bit of symmetry. Also, depending on the fabric some colors may not match exactly, don't be afraid to veto any of your BMs choices if it doesn't work for you!!! Have fun!!!
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