Did I really win something for FREE?!!
Has anyone won something from David's Bridal? I got a phone call from a Mary Kay rep and said that I was a March winner in a drawing from David's Bridal. I always know there is some sort of a catch and I assume this is just a sales pitch thing to buy their products after getting a free makeover and whatnot. But just out of curiosty, has anyone else received this kind of phone call as well?

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I'd find out what it is you won. If it's a makeover- you didnt win anything. They do those for free ALL the time. It means that David's Bridal is giving out your information- which they are notorious for!

But frankly- it's Mary Kay. I'm not knocking their products, but it's not worth the time to sit through the presentation and stuff. I'd skip it.

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I got a bunch of phone calls saying I won a free weekend getaway. Look up the number that is calling you. I looked up my number and it was a complete scam. They get your number off of bridal shows and places like david bridals email listing. What mine turned out to be was people trying to sell time shares :) Obviously I didn;t return their calls. They called like 6 times at all hours of the day and night and then gave up!

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I got a call too saying that I won a free make over from Mary Kay after scheduling an appt with David's. And like Meghan said, they are always free.

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Probably depends on what they say. I went to a wedding fair and they said everyone wins a free facial (no kidding- you always get that!) but I also won $50 in product. Of course, you end up spending more than that on product!

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When I was getting my bridesmaid dresses from Davids the Mary Kay woman came over to me they do a "free" makeover so that you will book them to do your wedding makeup

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I did "win" the Mary Kay free facial and makeover. I agreed to accept it... She was very nice, and I did get a "facial". I put the cleansers on, and took them off, then rubbed in a chemical peel, and wiped it off, etc. I did get a $50 gift certificate that I used to buy some things for my mom, because she liked their stuff. But, she started to hound me to become a consultant, and buy more stuff, etc. It really wasn't worth the time.
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LOL warning I was a Mary Kay rep and I sucked at it because I just didn't see how having someone wash their face and apply their own makeup was winning a prize and that is how they market everything.. The products are good but pricey. and they are notorious for being PUSHY... which is another something I just could not do. They call all the time and are very insistant if you want to buy it then its all good the products are very good but if you aren't interested I suggest being very straight forward and blunt otherwise you will not get rid of her. And we were not trained to do makeup we could match your foundation shade for you with cards but we were never trained on application of makeup.. Some may do it on their own but its not part of Mary Kay's training.

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Yeah, the Mary Kay rep said I won a free makeover for myself and up to 8 of my bridesmaids and/or girlfriends, and also an extra $25 worth of products that I can have for free that I tried on since I am the bride-to-be...
I already went ahead and scheduled an appt but I don't want to go through that nor would I want my girlfriends to go through that if it's not really worth the time...

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At Stacee that is how they get ppl to make an appt for the free "makeover" its a do it yourself facial and she will let you try on samples.. like I said its good product but she will get all of your friends information and then keep contacting them to get them to order .. she needs to make money too but I hate the way they get ppl in with the "makeover" line because when I think facial and makeover I think of someone pampering me and really that's not what it is... if you and your gfs like to get together for some wine and appetizers it can be fun... I just think you should be aware of what it really is...

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I've been "winning" something from them every month since I gave davids bridal my info.... big mistake! they cal me at least once a week telling me that I'm (insert month here) winner and to come claim my prize. they just want you to buy mary kay

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Glad I stumbled across this because I first got an email saying that I won a Mary Kay product and then received a post card in the mail. I hadn't taken the time to call or respond to the email. I was going to do it today. So glad I waited. Thanks for the info.

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Glad I stumbled across this because I first got an email saying that I won a Mary Kay product and then received a post card in the mail. I hadn't taken the time to call or respond to the email. I was going to do it today. So glad I waited. Thanks for the info.

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hey stacee I think i won the same thing!!! lol ...but i didnt go.~ sounded like...a gimick.. but i dont know.. :) if you do have them come..please let me know how it goes!

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i also won one and I had to go to her house and she basically pitched her products they let you sample. The gift card you get doesn't really help much on cost because everything is expensive. I ended up buying hand scrub and lip scrub which i love but nothing to really help me on my wedding day.


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It's exactly what all the above have said. You do win a "free" makeover but it's to try Mary Kay products. It is not a makeover for your wedding day.

I believe David's Bridal has a contract with corporate Mary Kay. I tried to get in with the local David's Bridal as a preferred vendor under makeup artist but they told me they already had a Mary Kay rep. When I said I do not sell products, that I provide a service, they then wanted to charge me an outrageous amount to be a preferred vendor.

The quote they gave me was exceedlingly high compared to the quote my hair stylist friend received and when I questioned it, I was told that makeup artists are in a different category than hair stylists. I found it odd as most other wedding sites categorize both hair and makeup under beauty. So I assume their deal with Mary Kay has some affect on this category issue.

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I think I got the same call from Mary Kay (yes, they have a contract with David's Bridal) for a "free" mini-makeover for myself and 6 friends, as well as a free foundation and a $50 gift card. I say "free" because like others said, the reps do this all the time, regardless of winning something.

I went ahead and booked the event because my girlfriends and I were looking for something different to do. Also, I have been in the market for new make-up. So, I actually did it this past Sat and it was a lot of fun. It helped that the rep was very young, sweet, and not pushy at all; she really meshed with my friends and we had a blast. I made martinis and food, so that may have helped ;) We used it as a pre-game before going out. But, if you do not make a fun night of it, I would not suggest putting your friends through it...especially since most of their reps are extremely pushy. I was lucky and had a great girls nigh. My free make-up should be coming any day, so it was worth it to me!
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Hi Ladies, I am a current Mary Kay consultant, and yes we have connections with David's Bridal. It is a business, just like any other vendor. We do give away free product and facials/makeovers to let people try the product, otherwise no one ever would. With Mary Kay you get a beauty consultant who is supposed to help you with your skincare routine and pick out make-up that helps you look your best. Personally, I am not pushy, I blatantly tell people there is no obligation to buy anything and I try to make it fun for you. If you like the product, great, if you don't that's fine too. It's not something you can just pick up in retail stores and that is the way Mary Kay herself wanted it. We want a relationship with the customer.

Victoria, we are trained in make-up application, maybe you weren't but most directors do offer it and you can get the training materials online.

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I too received an email saying I was the Grand Prize winner of the Mary Kay Girlfriend's Package, and I was selected b/c I registered with David's bridal. I figured something was up b/c I thought the contest I signed up for was to win a dress. Thanks for the info!

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I'm a Mary Kay consultant and I have to say that a scam is when you are mislead and you lose something. I'm sure there are pushy ladies out there but most of us are just nice gals trying to make a living. We send a confirmation email that lines out word for word exactly what you will get. Any prizes, samples, products used cost us money. The time we spend with you is time away from our families. This is our job. Most of us blatantly say there is no obligation to buy anything but if you love something you tried you absolutely can. The bridal goodie bags are waaaay better than normal sample bags too. So I just don't see scam. Lots of vendors have events giving free things hoping you may love and buy them. It's not a scam...it's business! ?
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