describe your wedding style/personality
I am trying to figure out how to tell vendors about my vision for my wedding and it is hard to put into words. I know I'm not a diva/glam bride, or a Martha Stewart-perfect bride. I am non-traditional but conservative. Simple but classy. I want a DIY feel without doing it myself...hahaha!

I don't know, what type are you?

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I have a hard time putting into words too, but I'm learning that showing pictures helps a million times more than any words can. I would save pictures and create a notebook to show instead of trying to come up with the right words to capture your style. :) :)

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I'm non-traditional, laid back, but then at the same time have some classic things I want incorporated. Really, the wedding is a reflection of who FS and I are and our take on how we view things

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I simply said "think Armani, not Versace." Modern, timeless, elegant just like Grace Kelly. I found it easy to put into words because I wasn't straying from who we are and what we like. You know your style and it's best to stay with that, rather than doing things you like, but aren't really you. You want people to walk into the wedding thinking "OMG this is totally them."

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I think the problem is that we don't have any style..haha! You should have seen how long it took us to pick out a couch. We have this house that we just bought, and it looks hardly lived in cause we don't know how to decorate it. I guess our style is--blank.

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I'm a very guest-centered bride. My priorities are good food and entertainment so that I have great memories with all the people I know and love. I love things that are "budget chic"--they LOOK expensive but actually aren't. I want my event to be fun, colorful, modern, elegant and a tad whimsical.

We're major our venue is a restaurant. =D

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Or you style is minimalist. Which isn't a bad thing at all.

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vintage/shabby chic/rustic/southern all mixed into one :)

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ooh, shabby chic... that may be me! I really like rustic too. Maybe that's why I'm so drawn to the mason jar idea

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Valerie maybe you don't have a particular style some people don't. You just know what you like and know what you don't like. I agree with the notebook/binder print those pics out girl and just pick things you think are great and all your little ideas and then show everyone so you don't have to keep explaining your self.

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Valerie, I think I know what you mean... You're not too foofoo and about lacy crap and over-the-top look? My wedding style is very much against the typical/traditional Filipino wedding that's "engrande" and fancy. I'd describe it maybe as "modern chic". Idk if that's right but you can take a peek at my Inspiration board to see what kind of style I want in my wedding...

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Maybe look at color schemes and other wedding pictures see what you like you guys sound pretty relaxed so it seems like you'd be easy to work with anyway. We wanted something romantic but when we decided to go theme it was much easier we just tell them we need phantom of the opera and they get it even when looking for a dress it made it easier.Take a look at pictures and create and inspiration board Im sure you'll find something to help you decide

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Diana Ross and Billy D Williams in Mahogany Chic !LOL
I have always loved that movie since I was a little girl and Billy D was going to be my husband !!!
To sum it up"Modern Vintage Sprinkled with Diva Dust"LOL!

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STB Mrs Van Blargan
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well Ive always described myself as simple and thats how I like things. So, Im going to go with simple and sweet.

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Modern romantic casual chic, with a bit of bling and personal whimsy.
I guess that's everything.
Heavily concentrated on food,open bar, and family.

2d Bride
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It's kind of hard to define our style. I mean, once we announced that, "The blessing over the bread will be given by the ex-husband of one of the brides," we realized that it would be "unique" and "us," whatever else we did. ;-)

Perhaps "simple but classy" describes us, too. Basically, we didn't care about wowing people, but we did care about making them feel welcome and part of our lives.

Married: 08/14/2010
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glamour, elegant, formal. I am definitely more of a diva, into fancy lighting and decor and stuff.

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Simple yet elegant is our style

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Non-traditional, laid back and very Key West-y. I kept it simple and bright.
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