is it typical for the deposit to be half of the venues cost? as well as full deposit being non refundable? i want to know if i am getting a shady deal?

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My venue's deposit was 1/2 the total cost, and it is non-refundable.

For bigger, all inclusive venues- that's not the norm. But for just a location itself, it seems to be the norm.

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Yep, this is normal, where I live.

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ya usually deposits are nonrefundable..although it depends on the venue; i only had to give 300$ up front; total 3000. and there is a certain amount due a period before the wedding, then the rest after that (still before the wedding).

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My all inclusive venue was not half down, but we have to pay a deposit every three months. All of the deposits are non-refundable on our venue.

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The deposit for my all inclusive venue (wedding outside in the wedding garden and reception inside)was $500/total $5000 with the remaining due two weeks before the wedding.

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I had to pay half of my deposit ($100 refundable at the time of the wedding) and the remainder is due 90 days before the event. I believe that is typical from where we are from as well.

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we have 3, $1000 retainers....the first one is non refundable...the other 3 are refundable if they find someone to have their wedding that day...


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Yes, it is normal for most vendors (not only venues) to charge 50% of total costs for a non-refundable deposit. There are a few reasons for this. One is because the vendor has now blocked out that date and time for you. Usually vendors that ask for 50% will only be working with you on that date. Unlike the baker or florist who may have three or five weddings in one day! This date could have gone to another client. Also vendors begin their workload once you have paid the deposit and signed the contract. A lot of venues have a planner at their location. During your consultation you will go over your event design with the onsite coordinator and he or she will begin working on putting it all together. Let's say you decide to cancel your wedding or choose another venue. Well that planner still did work up until then and would have to be paid for the work already done. Especially when most do not ask for the remaining balance due until the week or even day of the wedding!

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We had to put down a quarter of the total cost, but it was considered a security deposit and we got it back.

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@Marie, different vendors have different requirements. Many photographers have a non-refundable retainer ranging from 30-50%. Mine is 40%. As Jade mentioned, you will be my only client for the day, so that day is taken off my availability calendar. Should you cancel, the probability of me booking your date would be slim, which means lost revenue. Different vendors also have different "balance due" dates. Good luck with your planning. :)

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I would get the venue to work with you. My venue did $1000 to lick your date in. And than 6 months before the date we have to pay another % than 1 month before another % and than 2 weeks before final head count with the balance. The whole payment process really works fir us. I would definitly look into and venue that does payments or see what this venue does for you. Good Luck!

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yeah i had to give a $500 deposit which is not refundable

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I had to pay $1000 of the 5k to book the date. Then another 500 was due in 90 days....another 750 due 6 months before the wedding, and then the balance is due 90 days before the wedding. My money is refundable, but the closer I get to the day the less money I get back. And anything after 90 days before the wedding is nonrefundable.

When do they want your full deposit by? If it is 90 days before your date or something reasonable like that then I think you would be okay with that vendor, but if they want a full deposit long before your wedding day...I think that would be a shady deal.

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My venue requires a 20% deposit which is nonrefundable. I have seen some charge up to 50%. Just make sure that you are absolutely sure about your date because once you sign that contract, you can't make any changes.

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It all depends on the venue, they all have different rules, I only paid a thousand non-refundable deposit on total cost of $14,000 and the rest is due 3 days before the wedding but only if we want to we can make additional deposits, so FH and I both agree to just wait and pay one month before until then the money will go in a savings account.

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We paid a 20% ($2600)deposit for ceremony and reception and the remaining balance is due 10 days before the wedding. I guess this would be called an all inclusive venue.

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Really depends on the venue as you can see. Alot of wedding industry professionals require a 50% reservation fee

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Our venue was 50%, if we cancelled by March 11th, it was refundable by half.
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Most venues around here are 50% down. You just have to check around for your area.

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As I look at everyone's responses, I think it does depend on what part of the country you're in. Our Venue required a deposit of $1000 to hold our date. Another 1K due 60 days thereafter and the balance is due ten days before. The payments are non-refundable.
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