Decorating a mantle for a reception
There is a huge mantle where we are having our reception. Can anyone offer suggestions as to what I can put on there that won't ruin my budget. My main focus is on the centerpieces but I would also like to have the mantle decorated.
If you have any photos of what I can do I would really appreciate it>>>

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whats your theme/colors? what are you doing on for the centerpieces.

a bunch of candles would be really pretty. Some simple greenery would be pretty as well

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This is a pic from when I was collecting inspiration pictures for my mantle...

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Our venue has a large fake flower display on their mantle (so thankfully we get to just use it). What about a blown picture of you two? Attach it to some posterboard, add a little ribbon, maybe a couple things of fake flowers on each side if you need more width to the display. Or if you don't have anything else you are doing with your bouquets (or the bridesmaid bouquets), grab a couple of vases from the dollar store and pop the bouquets into them.
Depending on what you are doing for your guest book, perhaps it could be incorporated into the mantle.
Find an inexpensive piece of art at TJMaxx or Marshalls or Ross or goodwill or garage sale.

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What about a bunch of candles and some framed photos from your epics session, or more causal pictures you all have taken over time?

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Framed pictures of your parents', grandparents', great grandparents' wedding photos? Or pics of you and FH throughout your relationship?

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@Rosie, that's a great idea. Make it just like the mantel at home--tons of framed pictures of the whole family.

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Visit for customized candles. You choose the colors and you choose the design to go with your theme. We also offer personalized Unity candles and customized gift favors.
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I totally agree with candles. Candles, Candles, Candles! You may want to ask your venue if they will provide any for you. 9 times out of 10, they will have them on hand. Then, put your personal touch and provide something additional to accent it!

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Theres a mantle in our reception area as well. We are having it decorated with tons of candles and there will be some red amaranth hanging down as well.

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I agree with the pictures and candles.

I think it would make it seem more home like and family oriented.

You could always pick up some inexpensive wine glasses of different heights and shapes and tea light candles. Then just put some pictures in between.

Or, if you could, but one bigger picture in the middle of the two of you with a Thank You message to your guests.

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in my case id do some mason jars! But thats because i am using mason jars.... what are your colors, flowers, decorations?

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What about pictures of you and your FH?

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