Decorating Cocktail Tables
My venue has 4 tall cocktail tables in the lobby area where we will have the cocktail hour. I want to decorate these tables with a little something. I spoke to my florist about small rose bowls with a single orchid floating in each bowl and was quoted $35 each. So, for four small bowls, a gallon of water, and four orchids it will cost me $140. I have a decent-sized floral budget but I still can't see myself paying that, but I still want something.

Does anyone have any ideas for what I can put on these tables that won't break the bank? My style is more formal/elegant and I'm not against small DIY. We can't have any candles on the tables although LED's will work.

The photo is of my venue. Keep in mind it will be much darker in that space as the wedding is at night in winter. And I am getting them to remove the awful plastic greenery.

Thanks so much!

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I did exactly that, put small floral arrangements on them. I think they were just one of the bigger rose varieties floating in low vase...fairly inexpensive.

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Did you make them yourself? I'm just concerned that that will be one more thing I have to do the morning of my wedding. And I'm doing my best to do absolutely nothing but enjoy my day!

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Is there anyone you can assign the task to? Maybe pick up the orchids the day before and put all the supplies in a box and have someone else do it? It seems like a pretty simple task to knock $100 off the price tag, I can't imagine it would cost a lot to DIY.
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