David's Bridal Wedding dress Sizing Question - Need HELP!!
Hi girls...I need your help!
Anyone buying or bought a David's Bridal wedding dress? I need sizing help.

Did you buy your "normal" street clothes size, or did you need to buy one size up, or even two sizes up???

I'll explain my situation...found my DREAM DRESS after searching forever online. Only problem? Its a David's Bridal dress, and I live in Canada on the east coast and there are NO stores nearby, thus I will have to order it online without actually trying it on.

I really want to get the sizing right the first time I order, I know they are a reputable company and they will take back reutrns but I just want to get it right!!!

I am normally a size 6 in regular clothes, do you think I should order a 6 or go with a 8 or even a 10?? Measurements are roughly 37.5 bust, waist 28, hips 40. I may fall between sizes, I'm not sure!!?

Any help would be appreciated greatly


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There's a fit & sizing guide on the website. Since you have your measurements you should be able to figure out what size to get.

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Kimberly is right, and most of the dresses are based on your bust and waist, the lower part isn't really important unless you're getting a slim fit, but A-lines and ball gowns can be more generous with your hip size. I do know that my dress size is about 2 sizes bigger than my pant size, but I don't know if you can really go by that, especially if you're busty.. Just take a peek at the chart and dress type, it should give you a good idea! And it's always recommended to order at least one size bigger than you think.. you can either exchange it (if you order online) or get it altered down to your size if it's too big.

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Ummm... Wedding dresses in general are way small. I am normally like a 7 in normal dresses and had to buy a 12 at Davids Bridal. Given I have big bewbs, but even the waist fit on the 12. You should really go try on some dresses at the store so that you know what size to order.

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What Jen said. A dress can be altered down 4 sizes without losing its basic shape, and it is MUCH easier to alter down than up. If you're between sizes by measurement, always go with the highest size.

Your bust and waist measurements are similar to mine, and I wore a DB BM dress in a 6, but an 8 would have allowed a little more wiggle room (and we could have loosened the arm holes a little more). An 8 will probably fit you, as long as none of your measurements are larger than what it says for an 8 on their size chart, but given your situation I would go with a 10. You're going to have to get it altered anyway, so you might as well get the larger size to work with.

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(I should note that when I was wearing a DB 6, I was generally a street size 2-4. Formalwear in general is sized really small, but I don't know how an American 2-4 compares to a Canadian. Not to mention that, you know, women's sizes are CRACKED OUT anyway.)

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I tried mine on...Im normally an 8 but I had to get a 10

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@cabell- you made me literally lolo with the cracked out comment.

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I had to get a 12 and I'm a 10.

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Canadian sizes are pretty much the same as American. When I was online last night I looked at the size chart, now of course when I go to look again I can't find it...grrr.

ALSO I just noticed on their website my dress is only available in-store.....whats up with that???! Its a new arrival...I wonder if it will become availe to buy online later on. How dissapointing :(

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I agree dress sizes are CRACKED OUT, why don't they just use normal everyday sizes. I asked the same question on another message board, and someone wrote me saying that America uses vanity sizes for everyday clothes to make you feel better, blah blah blah, but the dress designers don't bother.

I don't really CARE either way, I just wish they would all be the same or at least SOMEWHAT similar!!!! jumpins!!! :P

I am so mad I can't order that dress online, its even on sale for 649.....grrr grrr grrr

I wonder if after a certain period of time if they move the new arrivals to another part of the website if I will be able to order it then. How long is it a "New Arrival"??

Again, I am about an 18 hour drive from the nearest store, so I don't know what I'm going to do other than play the waiting game.

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what is the dress you want?

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maybe what you could do it try on a similar dress somewhere else close by you and see what size you might need. also call the store and ask them about the new arrival status and if it will ever be able to be ordered online?

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sizeing is hard the dress i got is acteully a size bigger then every other dress i tried on (which fit me) because some dresses are made differntly and mom chest woudnt fit in my normal size.

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I got my @ Davids im a 6 i got an 8

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David's Bridal sizes are screwed up to no end!!! I'm normally a 9/10 and I had to get a 12 in my dress. You will more than likely have to go up a size if not two sizes from your normal street size.

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I got mine at DB and I'm an 11-13 usually and I ordered a 16. If you call a store and give them your measurements they will give you the dress for you. Just call with your measurements!

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For DB you fall right in between a 10 and a 12, get a 12 and get it altered down- you can always make it smaller but not larger.

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I will try phoning them tonight to see if they are ever going to get this style so it can be ordered online. You should really be able to order any style you want online at this store...or in my dreams anyway. LOL

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so what is the dress you want?

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I got mine at David's Bridal, I tried a size 4 on was too small so they ordered me a 6, but ended up sending that back and getting an 8 petite. It fits perfect, no alterations needed. My regular size is 4-6.
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