davids bridal return policy?
does any one know if they will let you return your dress? there has been no alterations made to it...i got it a little over a month ago and i am seriously having second thoughts..i only tried on 5 ..My mom and my moh loved it and at the time I did too..but know i think i should try some more on..is this normal to have dress doubts? lol ;-)
attaching a pic.. please excuse my hair..it looks like a hot mess after trying on dresses!

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It depends on if the dress was a final sale or not and if it was purchased online or in store. I can tell you they will usually allow you to get a different dress and exchange this one for it. The time limit is four months though and it must not have been altered and must have the tags still attached so in short yes, but I don't believe you can get a refund but you can exchange. Hope this helps. Good luck!

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BTW I personally did the same thing I purchased a dress and had doubts about it so I went shopping again and found the "ONE" so if your dissatisfied then I really think you should shop around. They kept saying when it's the one you'll know and I didn't understand until i tried on the one I ended up purchasing and I know it was the right choice I have no doubts. IMOP your face says it all in the pic you look unsure not like a gleaming happy bride. If your not happy I'm sure they will exchange it for another dress but remember you only have four months.

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I know my bridal dress said "Final Sale" on it.

They did let me exchange a bridesmaid dress a few months ago. I just needed to go up a size. (The BM had been kicked out the wedding, the dress was purchased, and I was a replacement.)

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DB like most bridal shops doesn't do refunds(unless it's for something bought online). They do exchanges as long as you don't wait too long.

Christine, Your Seamstress

Christine, Your Seamstress
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I used to work there - They often let people exchange the dress for a more expensive dress.

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I got a different dress. My first one was from DB. I can't return it. There was a brown dot on the front of it that they wouldn't do anything about even though it was there when I got to the store to pick it up. (I asked about it right when I saw it and they wouldn't d anything about it.) They also made darn sure that I knew that I would not be able to return or exchange it at all, never worn or not. I now have to try and sell it.

Christine, Your Seamstress

Christine, Your Seamstress
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Monica - take it back for your free steaming/spot cleaning. They should be able to get the spot out. If not, B**** like crazy and ask for the phone number of the district manager.

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Christine: thanks for the suggestion! The brown was sewn in, like a part of the string was brown. Weird. I'll take advantage of the free steaming/spot cleaning. Especially so that when I do get to sell it, it will have been done for whoever buys it.

Heather: sorry to take over your post for a bit.

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Anything I have ever purchased from DB(admittedly not a wedding dress), all sales have been final. However, rules can be broken by management, so it would never hurt to try.

Christine, Your Seamstress

Christine, Your Seamstress
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Right, Carole - Sometimes it just takes a different manager than the one you originally talked to. I do know one thing - If you don't mind getting a little shall I say "angry" with them they are more prone to help you.

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My friend got her dress at David's, and they told her she is able to EXCHANGE it only, and only if she does not take it from the store. The exchange has to be done before the dress leaves, once it leaves sale is final.

Christine, Your Seamstress

Christine, Your Seamstress
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Future Mrs J - The store I worked for did exchange dresses that were taken out of the store. Alterations had to inspect them to make sure they were not altered, or worn, or did not have any odors. Then they would let the customer exchange it for something more expensive.

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So after reading your post I was dwelling on the fact I was unsure about my dress from DB too. So I called and (yes I was crying a little) and explained the situation to my sales consultant and she told me to bring it back in and I could try on whatever I wanted and exchange as long as it was the same $ amount or higher. You cant get a cheaper dress and add on accessories to make the price. I have had my dress since August, but it hasnt left the bag. She didn't act like it was a huge deal...
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Christine-Will they often exchange sizes? I've lost a lot of weight and am incredibly anxious to try my dress back on. My fitting is back home (where my dress is) on the 13th. I know a girl who said they did this for her down here.
It's been over a year since I purchased it. The manager kind of pressured me into getting it at that time. She also said it wouldn't be a problem to have it taken in a couple sizes.

The thought of being SOL with a dress that won't fit is keeping me up at night, nearly every night. I've gone down 3-4 sizes.

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Christine, Your Seamstress

Christine, Your Seamstress
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They have been know to exchange sizes frequently. I would only try that at the store of the original purchase, though. As long as the dress is still in stock. If you have any health issues that made you gain or loose weight - like gaining weight from being on prednisone, or loosing weight because you were sick - they are waay more sympathetic to the issue.
It is better to exchange the size than to have it altered down that much. When I worked at the store I frequently exchanged dresses for the correct size but I felt like I had to beg the powers that be to do it. I felt it was only right if the dress was hanging right there, or if the consultant sold a 5" bride a regular size dress that came in petite - I would have the store exchange it if possible.

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So I order and paid for the dress but it has not arrive. Can I exchange it at DB having second thoughts .....felling so insecure and unsure is the one I love ....I was supposed to get a black dress but my 22 year old daughter wants me to wear white so I did purchase a white one now am so confuse !!!

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I'm glad to see that I am not the only one who is having dress doubts. I like the dress I purchased from DB but I don't think it is the one. It was on "sale" at the time so I kinda felt like I had to buy it that day. Now I'm looking for a new dress and left with this one. Has anyone ever sold a dress online with any luck? If so, what site do you recommend?

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I am in the same boat. I purchased a dress through Davids Bridal as well It was literally only a week ago and I think I found "The One" only a week later. I went back because my dress hadn't been received or anything yet because it was so fast. But they told me I was unable to return it. I could wait until it got there and then exchanged it. I was told I could also exchange it for anything of that value. The manager also mentioned that I could purchase the brides made dresses from there as well. Stating that I could purchase anything else in the store as long as it balances out to the amount I purchased my dress for. I'm still a little confused but hey I'm glad I'm not alone with the second guessing of my dress.

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I need help I recently purchase my wedding dress about 2 weeks ago and my wedding is on the 26th of April. The problem is I have gained weight and needing to go one size up. Do you think DB will let me exchange my dress even tho it says on the receipt "final sale"
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