davids bridal pantone?
I've been looking on line trying to figure out if there is a pantone match for the names of the davids bridal colors and haven't been able to find anything. my girls will probably be wearing the canary colored dresses- and i'm trying to figure out what pantone color that is so i can match it photoshopping my invites. currently i'm using pantone euro 603 but it seems much brighter then the dresses online.

Does anyone have an idea about where to find/what color canary is is pantone?

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Those are special little secrets only pros have access to. What I suggest that you do is take a swatch (since DB sells them for $1) to a local printing company or copy center and ask them to match it for you. And while you are there, it would be good manners to ask them for information or pricing on printing your stationery items. Also, if you plan to have them printed, you should not be using Pantone Euro colors in photoshop. The color system that the graphic designer should use depends on the paper stock and printing method to be used. Most printers use a different color system in the U.S. and the euro system is NOT the same.
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It won't be saved as a graphic design type file, just a jpeg- so honestly i don't really know about invite type printing, but in photo printing it doesn't matter what type of color it was- it just matters what it gets saved at as a whole. Is it different for invite printing? I might have to change that if it is- there are just like 10 different pantones in photoshop and the euro one is the one I liked the color the best....

O'well, my FH says I'm trying to get to matchy and no one is going to bring their invites to compare the invited to the BM dresses (which is true).
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Invites are printed using a variety of methods. Some are letterpress, some are offset, some are digital. Some are printed on matte finish papers, others are on gloss or coated papers, some papers have textures. Each of these methods and paper types have different requirements for how the file should be designed, and which color book to use. If you are printing at home using an inkjet printer, then use whatever looks closest to you. If you are having them printed somewhere else, talk to them about their equipment and file type requirements. Copy shops and printing companies have their pantone color swatches available to match to your fabric swatch. If matching is important to you, I suggest you go with a custom printer or stationer who can provide the matching service for you.

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1373 is canary

those are other options.

I'm sorry it's Dutch :-)
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Here is a correct Pantone Color Chart. I do not know what color chart would have 1373 as a yellow. According to my experience, there is no 1373.

Best of luck.
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Note the comments just above this chart:

"PMS Colors Used For Printing

Use this guide to assist your color selection and specification process.
This chart is a reference guide only.
Pantone colors on computer screens may vary based on the graphics card and monitor used in your system. For true accuracy use the Pantone Color Publication."
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There are Pantone color charts for things other than printing. The Pantone Color Publication is what your printer (company) or copy center will have.
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