david's bridal color for bridesmaid dresses....
hey girls!! i am thinking for my main color to be in the purple family... but i can't seem to find the perfect color! i don't want it too dark, like eggplant... but i don't want it too ridiculously bright, either.

today i was at david's bridal and i liked the color sangria, but it seems more in the red family than purple. does anyone have any pictures of their bridesmaids in this dress by any chance? the sangria color on david bridal's website looks completely different in person.

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I have not seen anyone in a sangria color dress but I have seen a cutting of the fabric. Its like a berry/brown color. Its very pretty.

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You can buy a swatch of the fabric for $1 at David's Bridal.

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you're kidding! i didn't know that or else i would have bought one. guess i will be making a trip back tomorrow! i bought a swatch from alfred angelo's for $6 today. i loved their violet color, it's exactly the color that i want... the only problem is that i am choosing david's bridal because my MOH lives in georgia, and it would be so much easier for her to get her dress there. there is no alfred angelo's in georgia near her that i know of... :(

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My girls wore Sangria from David's!! I LOVED it!! :)

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I got my BM dresses from Davids and I chose the Sangria as well. Its definitely more a purple color than red. Here is a pic of the actual swatch as I dont have any of my girls dresses here....hope this helps! :-)

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Here is a photo of how sangria looks outside :)

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@ Theresa & Candace.... you guys are awesome!!! thank you sooo much!

i love the color! it looks great on the girls...i actually tried on a bridesmaid dress in sangria, but the picture i have of myself looks more red... it's really weird, i don't know if it was the lighting or what was the issue. i tried on this dress that i loved in that color because i have girls that are different shapes. my problem area is my stomach/hips, and i wanted to see if it would hide that since some of them feel the same way. i want them all to be comfortable in the dress they will be wearing... here is a picture from today... you can see how different the color looks! again i think its the lighting though..

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Where in GA does you MOH live? I am in GA and I have seen an Alfred Angelo store in the Dunwoody area. Is she anywhere near that? I am not sure if there are other ones or not. I just work over there and saw it the other day. Also, I was in my step sisters wedding this September and our dresses were sangria. It's a really pretty color and I don't think it looks all too red.

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she lives in flintstone, ga. i'm not really sure exactly where that is, i know it is close to the tennessee border. i will have to look further into alfred angelo locations to see if maybe going to tennessee would be better for her.

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Sangria is what im going with ii kive that color... im not a purple fan but its the only 1 i liked!

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the color can look different with the types of fabrics too! my sister chose DB's apple red for her wedding but we all chose different dress styles because that's what she wanted, and the colors still slightly varied depending on fabric!

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My bridesmaid dress was truffle brown but looked purple in certain lighting.

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i know a couple of my bm dresses are in sangria, but i hated the way it looked in the store, but this was the same for one of my other colors, wisteria. in other lighting, it looks sooo much better and more purple. but in the store, it looked burgundy. just bad lighting i believe

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@Kimary.....I have the same color as you. Dark purple/ eggplant. When I went to Davids, I drew more towards the Lapis color. To be honest I will probably NOT get my BM dresses from davids, because they purple shades arent close enough to what I am looking for :-(

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i'll show you the difference in the wisteria... the first dress is my moh in the wisteria at davids, the second pic is my moh in her actual dress in wisteria at my house

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@Elizabeth my color is wisteria and I was thinkin about the same dress #1 for my BM's without the sash.

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yeah dress #1 is going to be in sangria, i decided no sash, a silver flower thing tho. i'm having 3 different styles
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