David's Bridal $99 dress sale
is going on now thru (I believe) July 25 or 26th ... just saw the commercial but didn't quite catch the dates...

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yeah but once you get there the majority of the $99 dresses arent very pretty i went there for my dress but in the end i spent almost 1,000 for the dress i wanted lol but the staff is very helpfull and friendly

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Urgh...David's was not my best experience. I felt like I was buying a car.

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I saw some very beautiful $99 dresses!! They were just never in my size! lol also, they happen to have an "as is" discounted section and there were maybe only one or two dresses that had like a tiny stain on it or a rip, but the rest looked perfectly find and they wer half or more than half of the price.. but I'm all about bargain shopping ;)

Crystal and Allen
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I wish I could have found a nice dress for $99 at David's Bridal, however, the selection wasn't very appealing. I ended up spending 3 times that amount for alterations on the dress that I ended up buying!

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Davids bridal dresses don't impress me. They are very plain. I hate to look at brides and know where the dress came from. You are guranteed to look like every other bride who bought a dress there.

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I love my dress from Davids and although I had a horrible experience at the first location I went to, the location that I ultimately bought my dress from was great.. the ppl and service was wonderful... My dress will not be on the $99 sale but for those brides who like something that they can accessorize or that just like a simple dress there are a few on sale that are very nice.. JMO.. but anyway it couldn't hurt to look if you need a dress on a budget.

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Ya you really have to get lucky, i did get mine for 99, originally 800, beautiful detailing, back in November..it was being discontinued.
@Lonyah, maybe only other brides at a wedding who have shopped would know where the bride got her dress..so it's not a guarantee imo.

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I didn't do the $99 sale, but I did get it online from DB (they tend to have better selection on cheaper dresses) and it I watched the price until it actually went on sale for $99, so I bought it! You can't get it now.. and honestly, it's is a very beautiful dress, unique to any other dresses I have seen and I absolutely love it and don't feel like any other bride but my own. Best part is, I can now spend the $400 somewhere else in my wedding besides a dress I'll wear once. Some dresses look plain and cheap, but it can't be said for all.
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