Cute Names for Our Cocktail Hour Martinis
Along with other drink options, we will be serving a signature cocktail at our Cocktail Hour. Our Wedding colors are fuchsia, black and white. The drink will be served in a martini glass and will be pink with a dark colored fruit (blackberry) at the bottom. Any ideas for some cute/non-freaky drink names? We are going to post signs near the drinks :)

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Think about the new last name, or something your friends associate with you... If its a signature cocktail, make the name be about you as a couple.

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My Bridesmaid combined our names and made the cocktail at our engagement party the Benoline. It was cute and people ordered a TON of them. :)

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Our colors are the same:0)

Ummmmm drink names....Wedded Bliss, Love is in the air, Sealed with a kiss, Blushing Bride.....I'll keep looking :)

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FYI: Future last name will be Dean...I am sooo not creative lol

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Josie D.: Cool! Are you doing anything out of the ordinary to bring out your colors?

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I just saw a special drink in a bridal magazine called the White Orchid. It didn't have a flower in it or really anything to do with the recipe, but I thought it was a pretty name. Since yours will be pink, what about calling it the Pink Orchid? Or Berry Happy Together since it has a blackberry in it?

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omg, love "Berry Happy Together" - maybe it could be two berries in the bottom. :)

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"Berry Me Martini"

"Love me 'til the Berry end"

"Mint to be Berry" (Berry Mojito)

"Pinking of you Lemonade" (Vodka pink lemonade)

"The blushing bride"

"Love potion # 9" (or your favorite number)

I think you have a double post board, but i thought I'd put it on here too

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I love the berry happy together one. A bridal show I went to have this YUMMY vodka, and had some samples... they were called Drunk Uncle, Blushing Bride and others.... really yummy

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any ideas for a cute name for a lemon drop cocktail?
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