We're having cupcakes at our wedding. We expect about 250 people. How many cupcakes would you order? Also what kind of stand are you using and where did you get it? the bakery rents a stand for $35 but I don't really like it nor will it hold any where near the amount of cupcakes needed. The extra cupcakes just go around it on the table but I don't like the idea of most of the cupcakes not on the stand. I have gone online and see I can buy stands for lots of money. How have you dealt with the issue?

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We are actually doing cupcakes and we are having about 90 people. We are doing a small cake on top, so we can cut for the ceremony and the rest cupcakes. Our bakers are supplying the stands for a reasonable price. I have looked and did find some cupcake stands for your size on the website below. It may be something that might work for you.
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When we have brides with a cupcake wedding cake, we tend to order one for each person. It isn't like a cake which can be cut smaller. If each person has one and 25 do not, it will be more noticeable.

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thanks for the link, tina. CrystalS - I am not understanding your last sentence. The cupcakes are the size you would bake yourself at home. I would imagine some people would take 2 and some won't take any. So... how many would you order for 250 people?

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we are doing cupcakes... we're thinking about 100 people right now, so we're doing 100 cupcakes, and 50 mini cupcakes. I'm making my own stand as well, you can get cake stands at Michael's, where you choose the sizes, and put them together yourself :) you can also use different sized boxes, or hat boxes, decorate them however you like, and stack them.
hope this helps! good luck!

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@meryl I think @crystal was thinking that perhaps you wanted to order less than the number of guests you are having. For example 200 cupcakes for 250 people. You could run into an issue where 50 people don't have a cupcake in hand. I think it depends on your crowd if you know that they are big dessert people and everyone is going to have at least one, but uncle so and so will have 4 maybe order 275. Did you ask your baker what they recommend. They do it all the time and have seen it first hand.

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I am also doing cupcakes, my grandmother is baking them but we r thinking about 100 poeple will be there. So we r doing 50 jumbo cupcakes and 50 regular cupcakes

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We are doing cupcakes too, and the baker recommend 1.1-1.2 cupcakes per for 250 people, order 275-300 cupcakes... better to have too many than not enough...and I'm sure people wouldn't mind taking the leftovers for the ride home :)

As for the cupcake stand (we are having about 140 ppl) it only holds about 80, and the rest will be brought out/passed around on cookie sheets when it is time to serve cake. There are some cute wire ones at michaels that only hold 38 or so--perhaps just get a couple of them and then have the rest "in back" to be brought out for cake time???

or you could always make one!!

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My guest list is at baker suggested 1 per person as her cupcakes are larger in size. I am using her stands, but check out this link. They have a few options-and if you want you can still jazz up the stands some. What about having a few smaller stands instead of one big one?

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Thanks all for your suggestions. Several good ideas!

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See you may buy cheap cupcake stands like the cardboard ones that hold small number of cupcakes and you can put on every table. It will be reasonable, convenient to serve and look pretty good too.
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