Cue cards for my vows....
Ok so I have a logistical question, we are having cue cards for our vows that we are reading ourselves, how should I get them to the minister with me? lol Maybe give them to my dad to give to the minister before we do our walk down the aisle? then he can hand them to me?

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haha DH and I are talking about putting it on our smart phones and pulling out our phones durning the ceremony to read them.. (not talk or text lol) I am almost certain I won't be able to get teh vows out, even if they are written in front of me.. so I do plan just to sit there and sob, ending with "as long as we both shall live"

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I wrote them in a large font(so I didn't need to put my glasses on) and stuck them down my corset. I whipped them out when it was time to say them. It wasn't the classiest thing to do, however, my guests figured it was coming.

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lmao Carole!!! that's awesome. Just give them to the officiant and he can hand em to you

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Hey Sabrina, If you can't use the girls to hide things, than what can you use them for. : )There has to be a benefit to being a big busted woman besides being able to sneak in a pint of vodka when we go to a concert. lolol

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We wrote ours down in a nice little journal..the pastor handed them to us (if I remember correctly lol, seems so surreal now!) :-)
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I always type up my couples' vows and any guest readings and put them in a little journal or pretty paper that I can leave by the cake or by the guest book.

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if you trust MOH and BM you can have them hold them. i might sick mine in my MOH bouquet.

Im with Jen though, i probably wont be able to read them anyway ill be crying and/or laughing the whole time lol
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Will you have a table up front? We did. I used it to hold not only the wine decanter and glasses for the blessing over wine, but also my reading glasses, programs (in which our vows were written out), the rings, etc. That made for a lot less stress about how we were going to get things up there when we needed them.

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Thanks for all the great suggestions guys!

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I just held onto mine. I typed them out and wanted to make sure that I remembered everything that I wanted to say
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