Creative ways to serve soda?
My venue will let me bring in my own soft drinks. My mother thinks it would be a good idea to use 2 liter bottles instead of cans to cut back on waste. I think that leaving the bottles on the counter would look really tacky though. We are having a rustic wedding and the glasses are mason jars. Any ideas on how to serve it with out it going flat. The picture below is what the Lemonade will be in.

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I was in a Dollar General the other day or Family Dollar whichever and they had these "as seen as tv" things for 2-liters of soda that you attach to the 2-liter and use instead of the cap and then you turn the 2-liter upside down and it pours out like your lemonade container right there does. I'm not sure if it works or not as I didn't buy one, but just an idea. Then maybe you could take the labels off of the 2-liters and create your own to stick on there? That way you can design it whatever way you want and make it more towards your theme and such.

Or you could just do the lable thing for all the 2-liters and not worry about it going flat because honestly, 2-liters will probably empty quick so someone would be having to change the 2-liter out if you used the other thing I mentioned above.

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I know your mom wants to do 2 liter bottles but I think that if you could find soda that came in the old fashioned glass bottles that would look cool.

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I have the same problem. To avoid waste, we are also going with 2 liter bottles for the mixers. I found something to put them in, with ice. It can sit on the beverage center table.

If I get really anal about it, I covering the labels and making my own on full sheet white mailing labels. However, I do think my FH will have me institutionalized if I do that.

Also, for my juices that are being used as mixers, I am using the pitchers, and they will have labels shaped like leaves hanging from them.

I am also using the following dispensers for lemonade and ice tea. I will continue the leaf labels and tie on with rafia(sp).

There is no way I can change the labels on the hard liquor. :)

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I agree with Mrs. Jayjohn. Old fashioned bottles of soda would look awesome.

Since our soda is for mixers, I am not going that extra mile.

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Maybe you could rent a soda despenser? Here is one site I found, but I am sure there are plenty more you could find online

I also just read someone was able to rent one from Pepsi company. Somebody else mentioned to contact caterers as many have machines you can rent from them.
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@ Mrs. Jayjohn that is what I wanted to do, I thought old fashion coke bottle in metal tins with ice would be so really cute. Unfortunately we have a tight budget of 5k total. The bottles are the cutest way to go but pretty expensive. We are expecting around 120 people
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I like the idea Kristina B mentioned, that would be really cool! Also the old time soda bottles would work, I know they have some at Safe way or walmart, I seen crush, and coke cola!

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@ Tylar, if you have a local BJ's Sams or Costco check there for the old fashioned bottles. My BJ's does the old fashioned Coke in the glass bottles as well as orange and strawberry sodas. They were reasonably priced for a large case.

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Thanks Margaret I will check Costco this weekend.

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I bought a big tub in my wedding color....I am going to put water, soda, beer etc in it with ice.

I am going to put the lemonade jar around the side of the tub
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We are also purchasing our own soda and in my research I found that cans was the way to go because of the soda going flat from being opened and closed as well as a greater chance of it being dropped.

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Wow the tub sounds really awesome, theirs so many ideas here.

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Could you compromise? Say use the 20 liter ones instead? They also have a soda maker at BB&B. Not sure if it tastes the same, but it looks cool! Perhaps you could get that which except for the thing itself should be cheaper but then you get to keep that for your own kitchen. :)

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I think I would just try to keep them hidden.

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These are great ideas.
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We send a bartender to an event. They will pour the soda for guests and that eliminates most of the waste and then doesn't look tacky since the sodas can be hidden. If your venue has sodas, I recommend using them since it is so much easier than transporting on what will be a hectic day.

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I bought something like this in hot pink

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You can't just put them in something like the lemonade? I don't see anything wrong with that.

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@ Kristin I was thinking the same thing. I think I'm going to try it and see what happens.
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The soda will go flat quickly in an open vessel or in a lemonade type container. In a short time, they will end up with flat beverages that are sort of syrupy and unappealing. It would likely work for a small party (a dozen people or so). You could do the 1ltr idea and print custom labels to make it a more personal. 1 ltr bottles will be easier to handle also.
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