Creative ideas to ask your bridesmaids and MOH?
I wanted to do something clever and a little more meaningful than a phone call to ask my bridesmaids and MOH if they would be there with me on my big day.
Does anyone have any neat ideas. I've heard of t-shirts and a few others but nothing that is sticking out in my mind. Thanks!

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How about personalized cookies? Many bakers and grocery stores with an in-store bakery, have the ones that are about 10 inches across, and they will write anything on top, just like a cake.

A simple "Would you be my bridesmaid?" would be "sweet".

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I did "will you be my bridesmaids card", with picture of of me and my girls together and sent along with an edible arrangement

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My MOH and I are not very mushy. I bought her a flask and had it engraved w/ "HBIC" and below that "Head B*tch in Charge".
She thoroughly enjoyed it.

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This is how Im asking mine (pirate-themed wedding): I printed out little DIY treasure boxes the I found online onto some matte photo paper, wrote their names on each box, added a few sparkles and a piece of eight in each box, and then I put a little accordian folded paper glued to the bottom inside of each box, that when pulled out asks; will you be my bridesmaid?

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I gave them each a copy of the book "Bad Bridesmaid" by Siri Agrell. The book is now out of print, but I found used copies online and wrote "If I promise not to be like any of the brides in this book... Will you be my bridesmaid?" in the front. They LOVED this idea and now refer to the book in conversation: "At least you're not like that one bride that..." Bonus: The book is HILARIOUS!

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Pumpkin: Thanks for the rec! The book is actually also available for the Kindle--I don't actually have one, but I use the iPhone Kindle app a lot. Just bought myself a copy. :-)

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Also, good luck, Fins. Who are you asking? Any siblings? (I have two sisters in my BP... one of them is good and one of them is awful. :-/ )

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@Cabell: Oh, no problem! I'm just kicking myself now for not buying MYSELF a copy! haha I checked it out from the library, like, two days after we got engaged. lol

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@cabell - I am asking my SIL as my MOH and 3 friends as bridesmaids and then my 10 yr old as my jr. bridesmaid and my FH has a really good girlfriend that he's asking to be a grooms-lady (he was a brides-man at her wedding) that will be standing on my side as well. Yikes 6!

Thanks for all the ideas! I also decided to go the book route and bought copies of 'You Can Wear It Again: A Celebration Of Bridesmaids Dresses' to ask them. If I decide to do something different I thought it would still be a cute gift to tuck in their totes. :)

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I bought cardstock from Michael's, printed a 10 Ten Reasons Why They Should be My BM/MOH, glued some dried flowers on them, and presented them to each of them, and mailed the out-of-towners theirs. I personalized each one to fit why I wanted them to stand by me, etc etc. They loved the fact I took out time to create such things.

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Congratulations, Fins! I made puzzles to ask each of my bridesmaids. I printed out a pretty sheet of paper with our picture on it and the words: "Dear Gina, I love you to pieces! Your friendship means so much to me. Will you do me the honor of being a bridesmaid in my wedding? Love, Rosie" with the date of our wedding. I used spray adhesive to attach it to a sheet of foam, then sprayed a sealant on top. Then I cut it into 18 pieces (making sure to split up the important words like wedding and bridesmaid), attached a little magnet to the back of each piece, and put them in a pretty gift bag. It was SO cute watching them work so hard on the puzzle and then realize all at once what it said. And they love that they can keep it on their fridges!

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Rosie that is a GREAT idea - how clever, I love it :-)

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I went to Marshalls and TJ Max and found some really nice 5x7 picture frames for less than $10/piece and made a picture in Photoshop Elements to go in them which said "I can't picture my wedding without you in it, (bridesmaid name), will you be my bridesmaid?" And the great thing is they have a nice frame to put a pic from the wedding or shower or whatever they want.

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The main color of my wedding is eggplant, so I went to a local embroidery shop and purchased eggplant throw blankets, and had "Maid of Honor" or "Bridesmaid" embroidered on one of the corners. This way they could reuse the blanket, and it wouldnt go to waste. I also got one that said "Mother of the Bride" for my mom. Then I attached a handwritten note asking them to be my bridesmaid/MOH, that was sentimental.

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I really don't have any ideas as of yet. My wedding is 8/6/11 and I am still trying to figure out how to ask my bridesmaids as well. Just got engaged 4 days ago.

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I bought ring pops and put them in a box with a pretty card on top saying "will you be my bridesmaid?" so when they opened the box, they saw the question and then the ring :)

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Everyone knew my sister would be my maid of honor. I wanted to ask her in a special way. Me and my fiance went to a craft store and found a cute wooden box that was already white. I bought blue paint and an awesome stencil and went to town. We bought her little trinkets to fill her MOH kit like scissors, measuring tape, sewing kit, safety pins etc. To personalize it, I bought her her favorite candy, filled a tiny photo album with a few pics of us and wrote her a nice poem. To give it to her I invited her over my house, made an amazing dinner, and had her favorite dessert. She was very impressed and surprised. You could tell how special she thought it was.
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