Costco Flowers?
I checked on for wedding flowers.. they have some packages that seem to be great deals..
I was wondering if anyone has ever had experience with ordering it?
How was shipping, how much did it cost? and how did the flowers look?


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I had a friend who got married last October who bought their Ivory Rose collection. The price was very reasonable however the boquets were a bit small because the flowers hadn't completely opened up yet. I think her package was $700 or so for all that she got it was a pretty good deal. Besides them being a tad small I thought they were really pretty. You can look at my inspiration boards I'm getting my ceremony flowers from Good Luck!

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I dont know about ordering them or the wedding selection but I have bought them from costco and they are gorgeous and last a really long time!

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We priced flowers online at Costco and found they were quite a bit cheaper in the store. I know you can place a bulk order at the store, but you need to inquire at the customer service desk. They usually will give you a phone number to call. There is also an online operation out in CA that will ship your flower order to you called 2G Roses ( I have ordered from them in the past and the flowers were georgeous.

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I was thinking about doing the same thing through Sam's Club (they have a package I want that's different than Costco). I've heard either one is great. You're suppossed to have them arrive a couple of days before your event so that they have time to open and mature.

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When we went to talk to the florist, she wanted to charge us $30 per centerpiece. It's esentially a hydrangea in a large vase with glass beads at the bottom.

When I priced it out between Michael's Craft Store and Sam's club, I realized I could make them myself for about $10.00 a piece, and they would take under a minute each to put together.

We still went ahead and are having the florist create the bouquets, corsages, and boutonnieres but we're ordering the flowers for the decorations and centerpieces from Sam's Club. I went all over the web looking for brides that did the same and everyone seems to say that it worked out really well for them, cheaper and the flowers were in great shape.

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That's why we're doing what I discussed above. I read tons of reviews just to double check, as well as took my coordinators experience with them and it sounds like most people have really good reviews. There's people out there that didn't, but then there's always people who are never happy with anything. Like I said before, the main comment when they were a little disappointed was that they didn't give the flowers enough time to open

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I have recommended this idea to one of my brides and she loves it! she really doesn't want to spend much on flowers so this works great. Also Sam's club has that option(you can find them online).
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Just a Note from a Pro florist!!
If you are having a Hot summer month wedding, get the flowers in the day before and make sure they are placed in cool water in a vase right away or they will fade.
Make sure to keep them away from sun & heat and extreme direct cold such as AC or fans . indirect cooling in a dark room is better.

If the roses come in and are slightly tight, use the florist fool proof trick.
Lightly blow on the petals and they will spread and start to relax.

The package deals are ok. But very cookie cutter and limited on colors
but I have seen local floral designers offfering way more creative and reasonable seasonal mixes.

By the way watch out for Hydrangeas, they like to fade quickly and droop in heat. Not a great wedding flower for heat.
the rose deals and sunflower mix are a way better bet and I'd suggest adding better ribbon on the brides designs!

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I had no idea Costco or Sams Club did floral packages. I have used there in store flowers on many occasions. We have a tropical rainforest reception theme so we are doing bamboo centerpieces & favors but, we do need florals for the ceremony... This post was very helpful!



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Yes, costco flowers seem fine (maybe not quite as nice as what florists can get, but close) Their packages are in odd quantities, however (3 bouquets, 9 bouts, that sort of thing.) The are also limited on colors if you have a specific rose in mind. But if you find one that works....

The Boutique Group

The Boutique Group
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My company offers floral design workshops where you and your friends or family can make your own centerpieces and bouquets with the help of a professional florist. We'll even deliver and set them up the day of your wedding.

You save money because you purchase the flowers wholesale and are basically doing most of the work. But the florist will help you get professional results.

For more information visit us at

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The Boutique Group I wish you were in Los Angeles

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