Cost of Suit or Tux
Just wondering if you ladies knew what your groom or groomsman were paying to rent their tuxs/suits. A friend of mine who is getting married in June mentioned her guys are paying 300! Is that crazy or is it just me?? (My dress was close to that and I get to keep it!)

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My Gm are paying $130 the grooms is free, the only thing i thought was ridiculous is that the ring bearers are the same price as the adults

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Originally our tux was just over $160 each but since I purchased my dress at Davids Bridal and our Tuxes are at Men's Warehouse we got a $40 discount with tax and cleaning fees its going to be just about $145 each (or close to that anyway) The groom will be free after at least 5 of the GM are sized.
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FH and the groomsmen just went to Men's Warehouse and the groomsmen are paying $150 each for their tux rental.

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GM and Fathers are paying $145 - FH got a free tux but he is wearing his Class A's. You might want to check Burlington Coat Factory, they are having there suit sale soon!

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With shoes they are paying $105 and groom gets his free. We are buying the pocket hankies for them but they are only $6 each.

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FH is paying about $70 from Eaves.

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We got ours at Men's Warehouse and it's about $150 for each groomsmen. FH is free, but we picked a pinstripe tux for him and it's about $180. Kids cost the same as adults.

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150 is definitely do-able ..i just have this feeling I'll get stuck paying for my little brothers and FH's brothers. so 300 was a bit outrageous. Thanks for the input ladies!

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Nicole - i just went to mens wearhouse too. we're not having a BP, but FH's tux was $165

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Nicole I'm not sure what look you are going for but if your wedding is a bit more casual I know that Men's Warehouse has a tux that has everything except the vest, so pants, shoes, jacket, shirt and a tie for Under $100 its their usher suit and it looks nice not formal but very nice One of my FBIL will be wearing it because he's not exactly in the wedding but wanted to be so we are having him seat his mom before the ceremony

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Our tuxes are $84.75 including shoes, pants, shirt, jacket, damage waiver, and tax. We bought everyone ties at Belks for about $18 each when they had them on sale at Christmas. FS's tux rental is free (groom gets free rental if you have at least 5 rentals).

We're getting them from Tuxedo Junction. Here's the website to see if one is near you,
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We're getting everything for $105. The groom's will be free with 5 paid rentals.

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We decided not to rent since my FH wears suits all the time for his work & knows that they are worth it more if they can be reworn.
So we got 4 Ralph Lauren modern fit suits for the men all from Macy's for $187 ea. out the door on President Day Weekend.

They each have to purchase a tie we specify but the suits is their's to keep & re-wear for other occasions (work, social functions).

A bit of a splurge but in the end, the suits were the groomsmen's gift also & I think they all have appreciated it.
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The Tux my FH picked for him and his BM & GM is a Calvin Klein Tux from Mens Wearhouse for 167.00

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Like Cora we also picked a Calvin Klein Tux/suit from Mens Wearhouse for $198.00

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WE are getting ours at Tuxedo Junction for abt 80 bucks a piece. It was a bridal show special

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Fh bought his tux from kohls on sale for 130$

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$110 each including. We are renting from a locally owned shop though and the prices in our area tend to run low.

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I can't remember the exact amount, but it was under $200

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