Cost of Gerbra Daisies
I was just out of curiosity wondering how much the cost of Gerbra Daisies are. I know they come in 2 of the colors I'm using in my color scheme and instead of using potted flowers placing single stems in single vases scattered around tables and maybe a couple in a larger vase if we do a sweetheart table, which might change, and tying ribbon in our colors around the vases. I just wasn't sure how expensive Gerbra Daisies are. I know Roses are affordable, but I want to do something different with a flower I've always loved. I know my favorite Flower which is an orchid are too expensive, and Calla Lilies are out of the question. I think I might stick to the baby pink, light lavender, and white roses for the arch way and hand tie them in ribbon in baby blue for our ceremony, and use the Light Pink and White Gerbra Daisies for the tables at a Crawfish Boil/BBQ. Please help. Thank you.

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I think Sam's Club has them for something like 80 stems for about $85, might be worth looking into...

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Thank you for the Suggestion. I hope there's a Sams Club in Louisiana if I can get them. I'll look on their website. My MIL shops there all the time and is a Member and I'm sure would let us use her membership card to buy them. If not I'll look into Costco or BJs since everyone in my fam is a member of one of the 3. Thanks so much for the suggestion.
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Hello and congrats on your engagement!
Gerbera Daisies are not too expensive and I'm glad to hear that two of its colors match your color scheme. I have heard that you can order through Trader Joes also, but I am not sure. I have ordered potted orchids from them before, but I don't know about the gerberas. Also, just check to see if you can order them for a reasonable price from a local florist. Maybe they can just order them for you for a good price, you never know. Either way, good luck.. keep us posted!
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Geberas usually come in a designer bunch of 10 per color if ordered from a wholesaler.
They come in almost every color except purple and Lavender for some reason,LOL

I retail runs about $1.per stem for standard and $2.50 per stem for fancies here in CA.

Check if you are DIY. but they only sell in assorted ( which looks cute im mixed vases)

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Thank you for letting me know they are inexpensive. I think for the amount of stems we would need, it is something that can easily fit into our budget without having to go in the silk flower route. Since our color scheme is pastel blue and white, with adding the pink and lilac roses for the ceremony (and possibly doing one of each stem making a 3 stem bouquet for the moms and giving single roses to our grandmothers, as well as for our Memory Bud Vases in front of pictures of our late Grandparents). I know Roses are affordable. My sister used Calla Lillies for her ceremony. They're beautiful, but when I found out how much they are a stem, that's way out of our price range. My mom used to work in an Orchid Store and told me they're more than our budget would allow as well. Gerbera Daisies have a simple elegance to them and look beautiful either solo in a vase or just a few in a vase. I love the fact that they come in white and the pale pink we're using, it's not a problem they don't come

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in Lilac. Even Pink and white Gerbera Daisies will look beautiful. I loved the idea that my sister used one flower type for her ceremony then used roses (with some other mixed fillers in one type of centerpiece) for her Reception. I think I want to do the exact opposite, have the Roses for Ceremony and Daisies for Reception. I liked my origional idea of doing potted mini rose bushes in our colors or tulips in our colors, but I think if we're not going in the route of hiring a Florist and it will be DIY and having family help us set them up, a single stem in a vase isn't time consuming to put together, neither would 3 or 1/2 a dozen. Thank you all for your replies. I will look more into them, but I guess they are more affordable than I thought and would look beautiful.

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I think gerberas are beautiful flowers specially for a wedding. Please check this web site you will find them available in 3 different types and the prices are not bad.

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Thank you for posting the link for me. It is quite helpful. I've never been to a wedding yet where anyone has used Gerbera Daisies, but they're such fun flowers. I think I was shying away from using flowers in the beginning just because I thought every flower besides roses that I love would be too expensive, but I guess I was wrong.

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Greetings from a Louisiana Girl ( now living in NYC)! Gerberas are so fun and rich in color! I found a site that has might be a tonal alternative if you can't find the lavender! They are the cheapest I have found on the internet - at $1.55 per stem for 6 stems and $1.15 a stem for 100 stems!

Best wishes to you! I am craving crawfish with hot potatoes and corn after reading your post!!!

Oh and I don't know if you have a Hobby Lobby close to you, but just wanted to let you know that I always stop there when I am home in Baton Rouge to stock up on ribbon. Often they have their ribbon on sale for 50-70% if you check their weekly sale flier!

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Thank you so much for the link and information about the purple Gerbera Daisies. I'm so sorry I'm making you miss Louisiana with my posts about crawfish boils. My husband got me to try crawfish when we were in Louisiana for his Grandma's Funeral(my first and only time thus far to Louisiana, but certainly not the last), and I love it. It's just so tasty. I've suggested to him buying it and having it shipped from Louisiana and doing one at home in VA (but he says it's not the same).

Thank you for mentioning Hobby Lobby. I don't know if we have one here in Northern Virginia where I live, but I will most certainly look into it.

Gerbera Daisies fit with the casual laid back Crawfish Boil/BBQ. Thank you for letting me know per stem that they are an affordable way to go. I love flowers, especially fresh flowers, and want to use what will look nice and classy without breaking the bank. Sounds like Gerberas are the best way to go! Thank you!

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I looked at the link you gave me and the purple they have eventhough it is darker, would actually look great doing pink, purple, and white Gerbera Daisies in vases. Even just one of each color in a vase(3 Daisies) would not look too busy per vase but yet still well put together. Your suggestion is wonderful.

We have AC Moore and Michaels Crafts, and Joann Fabrics all near me, which when I get their flyers and know what sales are going on is usually when I go to buy things. If we have a Hobby Lobby I will look into them too with their sales on the ribbon. Thank you for the suggestions.
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Forget all those big boxes and internet sources you need a local flower farmer. No middle man. So many daisies much better than Gerbers, which are all CA hot house flowers. Try local chambers of commerce and especially for local growers. Many will arrange for you as well. Roses are all covered with pesticides... Think organic flowers. Go to any local farmers market. Most have websites with lists of vendors. Use seasonal flowers for a unique beautiful wedding.

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Thank you for your post, but I'm extremely picky about flowers. I only like Roses, Gerbera Daisies, and Orchids, with the occasion of tulips. I just don't want anything on the tables for my Vow Renewal. I don't see where you would persuade someone from wanting to use their favorite flowers on their special day just for something organic and something they don't want. I can understand about the pesticides, but I don't have the budget for my Vow Renewal to have more expensive flowers or to even go to someone who privately grows flowers and I am not hiring a florist to put together my flowers in vases for me. I'm trying to stick to something simple that I can easily do myself and have a few relatives help me put into vases. That's why I want to go with what is affordable to me for fresh flowers (I really don't like silk flowers) that are also flowers I love.

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Not to mention, my hubby and I are planning a Vow Renewal in Louisian on our own with taking a few trips out there to make sure we find our Caterer/Reception Venue, Photographer, Rental Companies (if we need to rent anything extra). I appreciate the suggestion of Farmers Markets, but I simply don't have the time to go to a Farmers Market with a bunch of other running around and their costs being one price one time and another the next or even the time the day of our Vow Renewal to make sure they have what we need and in our colors.
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