How many are you getting? Do I have to get one for the evil stepmother? How about speakers, officiant, grandmothers, etc? Going to meet with the florist tomorrow. Just trying to not let this get out of hand....

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My FMIL insisted that her and my mom have one. Which is understandable and grandparents too, which I was like okay fine. But then she decided that she had to go into god parents and all of the bride and grooms sisters. BUT I can tell you my grandma has been to every one of her grandkids weddings and never recieved a corsage for it. I think she's just crazy!

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I heard that it can be a family tradition to give out tons of corasages. I am doing my mom (wrist do to dress type), FH mom and step mom, 2 grandmothers, 4 sisters, and 3 great aunts. I know it is quite a few, but they are costing me $3.00 3 each.

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how are they costing you $3 each? please share? LOL

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Depending on where you are getting your flowers (grocery chain or flower shop) they will know who to all include, you just have to decide whether or not to. I would say parents and grandparents are a yes. God parents maybe but the sisters? she is just opening a big flood gate. I mean if you do the sisters, then what about the brothers? I would put a big HALT on "her planning"

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I'm only having my mom there that will get a corsage. I think it really depends on what you want. And if FMIL is demanding one, is she contributing money to the event? I personally feel that if you don't contribute then why should you get a say. You've already had YOUR wedding. This one is MINE. If you want a corsage that bad, get it yourself. LOL. (that was just bad. sorry. The evil twin must have taken over my WW account. LOL)

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We are doing moms and grandma for sure. Possibly readers and god parents. I decided on the pin ones though because I know my mom will hate wearing it on her wrist all night.

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Let's see, these are who will be getting corsages:

My Mother, My Grandmother, My Step-Grandmother (wasn't going to give her one because I don't consider her my grandmother/ can't stand the woman, but my sister thinks it would hurt her feelings and cause drama so whatever)
FH's Mother, FH's Grandmother
My Sister (the one NOT in the wedding party -- her choice)
DOC, Cake person, food and bev table attendants

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I'm only getting one for my mom and FH's mom.
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Hi Melissa,

Typically the following people get corsages: Mothers (and step mothers-sorry), grandmothers, readers. Pretty much everyone else is optional. The thing is though, that every situation is different. There is really no right or wrong but the above is typical. Hope this helps.

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My grandmother is doing all of mine, so there is no labor charge! $3.00 is her cost on them for the flowers, pins, wrist bands, etc.. Mine are 2 or 3 flowers (depends on who you are) and greenery.

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We will be honoring our mothers and grandmothers (2 of each) with corsages. I was torn about the grandmothers and decided that it was important to me to include them in this way, since we will honor our deceased grandparents in our wedding programs. Sometimes it feels like we, as a society, wait for people to pass away before we make a big deal about them...

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Our mom's and FH's 2 grandmothers will be getting corsages.

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I am doing my own and my bridesmaids are wearing a corsage as well. All together 15.

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I'm not doing mom doesn't want to wear one and FMIL has been so uninvolved that she really won't care. No grandmothers to buy them for, so it made it really simple.

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It's traditional in my country to just give the pin on ones to mums and grandmothers. So just my mum, but we're also getting them fir our 2 girls

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We're are not doing any....just more money to spend for yet another thing that will be thrown away.

If you want to give them some type of could simple have one of your ushers (if you are having those) pass them a single rose as they are being seated....just a thought....but I say spend that money in another area.

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Melissa you can always put poison ivy in the did I just say that..

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If we do any at all, it'll just be for our moms. If I still had a step-mom, I'd probably get her one, too, just to keep her from being a b*tch about it if that's how she is. My grandma won't be getting one, though.

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Thanks answered my thoughts! Is it necessary that they have corsages??

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I'm only getting two, one for my mom and one for my FH's mom.
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