Colors for my Hawaiian Theme
I am planning a Hawaiian themed wedding but i have no idea what colors to choose. I love orchids and bright colors. I just dont know which colors to use ... Any ideas???

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Photos by Amber
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Well when I think of Hawaiian colors, I see vibrant reds, pinks, oranges, & electric blues. As well as lots of lush greens. One flower that I feel looks Hawaiian is the bird of paradise.
Bright, rich colors will work great with this theme. Just pick the ones you love & you can't go wrong.

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I agree with Amber and would choose bright colors. How about purple dendrobium orchids? I can imagine them on branching out of a clear vase with aqua-colored linens, green votive holders, and white chivari chairs with blue pads.

If the ceremony's outdoors you can buy rattan fans to keep people cool. You can also offer macadamia nut cookies as an extra dessert with the wedding cake. Even a scoop of pineapple or mango sorbet in a little glass with the cake would be great!

I hope that helps a little and gets your inspirational juices flowing :)
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For destination weddings, it will be a great idea to visit the web site of the venue wheee you plan to have your wedding. Bright colors are the most common, but the room may not lend to the theme.

Visit us if you need any more help

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Perfect Planner

One Chic Production
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I directed a Hawiian themed wedding a few months ago and the bride used orange, aqua, and brown. They looked very nice together.

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bright colors are always best. they brighten up the mood. im actually helping my best freind plan her hawaiian wedding (march 2008)and were going with the hibiscus and orchids for the flowers.
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Aloha! We are in Hawaii on the island of Oahu. We specialize in customized cookies as wedding favors. If you need help with Hawaiian theme feel free to email us. We live here! also feel free to check out our site
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I love bright colors! I think they are great for all occasions. Take a look at my pictures and you will see a save the date that is hot pink and yellow and has flip flops on it. Basically any combination can be used.
If you need any help with save-the-dates, invitations, etc. please let me know. I custom design and make all my invitations with any colors!

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Great Idea! We are having a wedding in Florida so we are kinda doing the same theme. I am doing Coral and hot pink beach theme. They make orchids in all different colors and they look great in hot pink! Good luck!

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What about planning a hawaiian wedding in utah in february?!? Any ideas about what type of flowers would be available for a tropical feel in utah?!?! I think the venue will have to be inside because of the weather.
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