Cocktail and dinner music?
What kind of music is everyone having for their cocktail hour and their dinner music? I'm torn between classical for both or having country for both (which is what my FH wants) or country for cocktail and classical for dinner....

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Have you checked into Vitamin String Quartet? They have great covers of country and popular songs! Also, if you like country, playing some good old fashion country love songs is great during cocktail and dinner! Or you could do the Vitamin String Quartet type of music or even just instrumental country love songs during cocktail, and slow country for dinner. Either would be great! :) Here are some great ideas for cocktail:
Check out #'s 5, 33, 47 on the following link: string quartet

Check out From This Moment On

Bless The Broken Road and To Make You Feel My Love:

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Actually I have been checking out Vitamin String Quartet and have pretty much decided on using them...the only problem is on my DJ's web-site when I go to build my play list they don't have anything from them available. The do say that if you don't see what you want and it's available on itunes that they can get it for you but they hav A LOT of songs and I'm not sure how many they will purchase for our wedding...I'll have to check into that. Thank you!

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i have a wonderful jazz cd and a tribute to frankie beverly and maze.

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Cocktail hour we have a guy playing a guitar with some folk or 70's Singer/Songwriters jams. I trust my DJ 100% so whatever he suggests I am down for while my guests are eating.

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FH and I are debating whether to play lounge tunes (i.e. Richard Cheese covers of pop and metal songs) or corny/cutesy 50's love songs. I don't think a mix of both would work so maybe we should just stick with the love songs. We have also discussed playing old jazz since we're going to New Orleans for our honeymoon.
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Pumpkin, LOVE LOVE LOVE the 50s love songs! What a great idea!

Take it Personally by Christine

Take it Personally by Christine
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You can never go wrong with Frank Sinatra!
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We were married this past September and our reception allowed us to create our own playlist for the cocktail hour. We took that opportunity to play our favorite songs for our guests! From John Mayer to Jack Johnson to Van Morrison to Frank Sinatra to Tom Waits, they heard all of our favorites including songs that were special to us and didn't fit into other parts of our day. Then the DJ played the songs that made our dance floor full the entire time, and it was just perfect! Hope this rambling helps :)

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We are playing a mixture of celtic to middle eastern and everything between instrumental until after lunch. Just background mood music with a renaissance feel.

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We're having an guitarist (acoustic) for cocktail that will play latin/spanish-flamenco type of music.

For dinner, it'll be a soft instrumental Andalusian/Celtic/Renaissance genre.
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Here's my suggestion:

During your cocktail hour, go with something more along the lines of "instrumental" or "smooth jazz." This encourages your guests to mingle and the words from the music won't get in the way or raise the noise level all around.

During dinner, go with "standards" or uptempo music with vocals. Don't do mushy stuff, it will kill the mood at your wedding. While people are eating, they don't talk as much as they do when they're doing the cocktail hour, so less instrumentals and more vocals. Some favorites of mine for dinner include Frank Sinatra, Natalie Cole, Michael Bubble, Jack Johnson, Colbie Caillat, Jason Mraz.

I can't emphasize this enough: romantic music doesn't have to be mushy and slow. It will kill your reception.
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