Cleaning your ring - how & how often?
I got engaged on the 5th (Whee! - I'll attach a pic just because.) and I'm trying to think of a good way to keep my ring looking good. I wear it 24/7 except for lotioning, sports, and really messy cooking, so it's going to get pretty gross.

I was thinking of buying an ultrasonic cleaner and using that every week or so. Anyone else do this? I have one at work (I work in a lab) and we use ours sometimes for cleaning our eyeglasses. It works REALLY well. Link to the one I'm looking at:

So, how often do you clean your ring? What do you use?

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first off, your ring is GEORGEOUS!!!! Very unique!

Well, luckily, where my FS got my ring, I can get free cleanings, checkups, etc. Actually, I'm required to bring it in every 6 months for a checkup to maintain the warrantee.

As far as at-home cleaning. I dont do it. (shame on me). I'm just plain too busy!!!

But I'm sure cleaning it periodically is recommended. not only to make it look all purty...but also gives you an opportunity to check for loose/missing diamonds. Not that we dont look at our rings CONSTANTLY!!! Right ladies? :-)

I bought several years ago this step system to clean jewelry and I have been meaning to use it. after all my blabbing....I dont have a suggestion! Sorry! I just had to say that your ring is awesome!!!!

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I'd ask the specific jeweler that you purchased the ring before listening to ANYONE, I worked in the jewelry industry for 3 years and colored stones can not take the same cleaning treatments as diamonds a lot of the time. One thing I know you could use (although I'd still ask the jeweler) is 2 parts water to 1 part yellow ammonia. You can clean it as often as you'd doesn't hurt it. Make sure you talk to the jeweler before you try anything though.

beautiful ring by the way!!

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Caroline: I have that exact cleaner from Amazon and it seems to work really well--one thing to know about it is that I was told by a friend who makes jewelrythat you shouldn't use it on peridot, because it will etch the stone--but that's probably not an issue with most e-rings. I've been using it to clean my ring (ruby and topaz with a white gold band), and it does a good job.

(I love your ring, too--sapphire and diamonds, or something else?)

I've actually been wondering about how often I should be cleaning it at home, though, too. Is once a week about right?

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I also get cleaning at the jewelr itself. I hadnt' thought about at-home...but partially because they said I could come in every 2-3 months. As of now, that seems enough--but we'll see as I get older! :-)

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Congratulations! I worked at Tiffanys and Co, So I will be able to answer your question regarding how often to clean your ring.. First, is the center stone, sapphire??? If so, you can clean as often as you like. You can purchase a ultra sonic cleaner, however, you can use an old toothbrush, and glass cleaner..

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I go into my jeweler every so 6 months to get my ring cleaned and polished and checked, but they also give me a jar of cleaner for free to use at home as often as I want. It keeps my ring dazzling!

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Thanks so much guys! I's always wanted a sapphire ER, and FH did a wonderful job, I love my ring! It is indeed a sapphire (2ct, cushion, in case anyone's curious) with channel-set diamonds. To clarify some more, the ring was custom-made out of state so I can't really go into a shop and have them clean it, so I'm looking at at-home options.

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I take mine to the jeweler that it came from to have it checked and cleaned every 6 months. :)

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Cabell, I just read your profile, love your ring! My center stone also came from SCIENCE!!! Molecular structure is molecular structure, ya know?! Cheers.

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my jeweler told me to get it cleaned by them once every season, and they do a head inspection....however i clean it on my own a couple times in between their visits, i just use jewelry cleaner. I would also get it rhodium plated once every year or two if you have white gold...its starts to yellow after a while and having that done gives it back its original shine!

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I asked at numerous jewelers and was given the same advice Heather gave. I tried it once and it def works. :-) My wedding band gets free cleanings from the jeweler but since he bought the engagement ring overseas I have to either remember to do it myself or pay to take it in with my wedding band.

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I honestly don't clean mine.. at all. It has a lot of detail (you can see on my profile if you really want to) so I have to be careful with lotion. I leave it on it the shower and I really think that keeps it shiny and new looking. :) I've had my ring about 7 months now. Before the wedding next year I plan on having it cleaned at the jewelers.

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Beautiful ring!

I clean mine about once a week with a Blue Nile solution, that comes with a little brush inside.

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Old toothbrish and dawn works wonders! I do it at least once a week.

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I'm like jlam, I don't really clean my ring. Every once and a while I rub the diamonds across my shirt to make them shiny lol I too, wear mine in the shower. I didn't use to, but it actually looks cleaner and more sparkly now that I do. I just make sure to rinse it off really well before I get out, so that there's no soap build up.

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Wow i think i might be crazy, i get mine cleaned about every 2 weeks at the jeweler, sometimes i go a little longer, but at the very least once a month. However, i don't take mine off for ANYTHING, i shower in it, sleep, clean, everything. I also have thought of getting a cleaner for at home to put it in at night! I know im a little nuts about it being clean and shiny!
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I worked for a jeweler for many years and I am obsessed with keeping my jewelry clean. I keep a container on the counter in the bathroom with water and Suave clarifying shampoo in it. At night I take all jewelry off and plop it in the container. In the morning I just rinse it off and put it all back on. It all still looks brand new. I also make sure I take my rings off if I am going to be doing something messy.
You still need to take it to the jeweler to have the prongs checked - how often depends on how rough you are on your jewelry.

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Ive had my engagement ring for about 3 yrs now. I have only cleaned it about 3 times, the last time I got it cleaned was at the jewelry store. By the way, my e-ring is a family heirloom. I have the clear looking cleaner from Boscovs to clean it but like I said Ive only used it like twice. I wear my e-ring everywhere, even while cooking. When I take a shower though its left on the sink. I should start cleaning it more often. But im not sure how to get the crap from underneath the diamond off, I always tend to get soo much junk under it.

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I get free lifetime cleaning @ Kay's. They told me the best way to take care of it is bring it in every 30 days for inspection & cleaning. Thankfully I asked because @ my last inspection, one of my diamonds is loose & one is chipped. So I plan on sending it off to have it fixed soon!! You're is beautiful!!

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I get free lifetime cleanings anytime I walk into the store we got it from (Roger's) but I clean mine at home about once a week or so with the diamond cleaner from the people that made my ring (Love-Story Diamonds)

Your ring is absolutely gorgeous, I love blue sapphires.
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