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My reception isn't like most receptions. We are not having a formal dinner but fingerfood. I was wondering if you guys had any ideas on what type of fingerfood I should serve. I already have several ideas but I would love everyones input!

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baccon wrapped asparagus, is one of my favs!
or you can do that cheese spread stuff and ham and asparagus wraps.
spinach puffs are always good too. if you live near a trader joes they have awesome finger food type appitizers

Cater It Simple
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Chocolate covered strawberries are always a special treat. 1" squares of cheesecakes are good. Are you doing this yourself or with a caterer? Lots of caterers are doing really great looking things with miniature martinin glasses and other mini-wares. Julienned veggies (carrots, green peppers, celery) in a shot glass with a "shot" of ranch dressing in the bottom. Boneless chicken tenderloins on skewers are great with a variety of sauces .... teriyake, bourbon glaze, BBQ, etc. Shrimp shots ... a dollop of cocktail sauce in the bottom of a shot glass with 1 to 3 cold shrimp hanging over the edge of the glass (I'm doing 300 of these for an event this weekend).

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A friend of mine had her sister do all the food for her wedding. She did stuffed mushroom caps. I think she just bought regular white mushrooms, pulled the stems out, then stuffed them with some savory mixture (looked a little like stuffing-could look for stuffed mushroom recipes on the internet and find one that sounds good) then put them in the oven to bake. They were very tasty!

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Here are the passed appetizers that I'm serving for the afterparty:
*Savory Cabrales Blue Cheese, Basil and Cherry Tomato Tart Squares
*Pumpkin Empanadillas with Whipped Fresh Cream Dip
*Baked Mini Ramekins of Macaroni with Gruyere & White Cheddar Cheese
*Iced Jumbo Shrimp with Spicy Pink Cocktail Sauce
*Grilled Skewered Prawns and Scallops
wrapped in Maple Cured Bacon
*Wild Lobster Tempura with
Ponzu Sauce Presented on Porcelain Spoons
*Maple Ham with Cheyenne Cheddar Biscuits & Honey Mustard
*Ribbons of Grilled Filet on Toasted Circles with Olive
Tapenade, Arugula & Roasted Garlic Aioli
*Char Grilled Tender Baby Lamb Chops with Fresh Mint Pesto
Also doing a nice cheese station and crudite
and brownie squares and berry tartlets

Go to a few caterer websites and look at their offerings to get ideas.

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Shell, you posted my fave! The asparagus wraps in the tortillas! YUM-O! I also like hot spinach & artichoke dip, those lil' dippers from crock pot are the best! I also like ultimate cheese dip, the recipe is on epicure spice website, but you do need I think 3 of their dip mixes for it..Hmm..what else, Oh i make a mean spinch puff pastry, I also make a mean chicken one! THe chicken has grilled chicken (of course) broccoli, mozza and cheddar cheese, S&P, garlic, cream cheese, and you just buy a pilsbury cresent roll tube, roll it out, smoosh the perferoated lines together (you don't want it to fall apart) and then put the filling down the middle (long ways) and alternate slicing the sides then lay it over and bake @ 350 until golden brown! super yummy! THe spinch one is spinach, cream cheese, feta, a little ricotta, garilc, S&P, for the dough you use puff pastery, and seal the edges and make little slices on the top

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and you could even combine the spinach and chicken one, I haven't, butI'm gonna try it!

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Other ideas: Fried Ravioli, mini quiches, bruschetta, potato skins, egg rolls, chocolate covered strawberries, veggie squares (baked crescent rolls with cream cheese dressing and veggies)

The Kandy-Bar

The Kandy-Bar
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These are all great ideas, thanks everyone. What about simpler finger food. Because I am providing the food myself. Well, I am actually getting help from my fiance and his parents. I was thinking of fruit trays and veggie trays but I am stuck. I want more variety. Also, I am going to have a candy bar that my guests can pick and choose to take home (they are getting little boxes to fill candy with). What kind of candy do you guys think I should consider about using?

Mrs Knight
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We had mini red potatoes halved and then some sort of sour cream on top with bacon bits (not like bacon bits pre made for salad but bits of bacon) the potato was obviously cooked but I'm not sure if it was baked or boiled. bt supper yummy! and meatballs are another popular one! Ikea sells their meatballs and sauce inexpensively and is supper good even though they are from frozen and a packet! You would never know!!


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Check out The Pampered Chef for some great appetizer ideas. Ask me about it.

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You can check out Costco for some frozen appetizers. All you do is heat and serve.

Kari Lind Creations
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costco has frozen mini quiche, mini creme puffs as well as fruit and vegetable trays, crackers and dips, breadbowls with dip... you can make mini sandwiches, mini bagel pizzas, chocolates, I think they have stuffed mushrooms... chicken fingers...

the sky is the limit! I used to work for a caterer and we got a lot of things at costco and sam's club to save money... dips are always a good way to go and also larger items that can be cut into smaller portions.

Good Luck and Best Wishes!

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A great place to check for ideas would be martha stewart weddings. I saw a wedding in their magazine that had mini-caramel apples (so cute) and lots of other ideas.

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really easy and can be prepped ahead of time, mini bocancini mozzarella with grape tomatoes and basil on wooden skewers and stick them in half an eggplant then have balsamic vinaigrette to dip in. Phyllo shells are great and versatile, you can put brie and a walnut in or chocolate mousse, etc. mini tea sandwiches cucumber and boursin cheese, egg salad, etc., bowl of previously frozen shrimp tossed with a little parsley, and cocktail sauce. You can also take a wheel of brie, cover the top with raspberry preserves and top with sliced almonds, serve with french baquette.

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Also, Cheesecake lollipops stuck in a terracotta pot with wheat grass (a reputable bakery or caterer can make the lollipops for you) or make a strawberry topiary (just get round styrafoam on a dow from Joannes or Michaels, put into a pot, cover bottom with spanish moss, put strawberries on toothpicks and stick into the styrafoam) then have a bowl of strawberries so no one messes up your topiary and have bowls of chocolate sauce, whipped cream, pieces of pound cake, etc. I have done these for a brunch and people were wowed at the presentation and it wasn't hard to make at all.

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Here is a link to a popular grocery chain in Florida, they have some delicious platters for these occasions that may give you some inspiration

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We are having a fingerfood reception as well. Our venue dictates what we can serve based on a list of things they can make. We are having (all-you-can-eat) cheese, crackers, fruit, veggies and dips, ham/turkey/roast beef and cheese cresant sandwiches, mini quiche, cheese tortelloni and cream cheese stuffed mushrooms.

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We're having an hors d'oeuvres style reception, too! We wanted a mix of our favorite ethnic foods... Here's our menu:
*Gazpacho shooters (tomato salsa style soup in a shot glass served with a tortilla chip)
*Chicken Quesadillas (minis)
*Asian Steak Skewers
*Veggie Spring Rolls (some fried and some similar to sushi)
*BBQ, Swedish, & Italian Meatballs
*Salmon mousse and traditional deviled eggs
*Assorted berry fruit tray
*Wedding cake, too!

I think part of my favors are going to be either chocolate truffles or rice crispy treats covered in chocolate on a stick. (Looks really cute!)
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