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hi, i am havin a western wedding and we are clueless little bit on what songs to play for the wedding ceremony. i always pictures myself walkin down the aisl to from this moment....but not sure what other songs to play? (keeper of the stars, god bless broken road, not sure what to play whenever we walk up as hubby and wife, whenenver bridal party walks!! i know we want me and u for both the ceremony and reception (kenny chesney).

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My FI and I are using mostly western music too. :) Well other songs could be Lost in this Moment, How Do I Live, All I Want To Do, Take Me There, How Forever Feels, I Cross My Heart, I Need You and so on... I would just think of all the country singers that you like and look over the songs that they sing! :)

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There is a list here that has good songs...

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ooo that is so awesome that someone else is doing western music!!! (iknow we are doing i cross my heart for our first dance) like i said i well we want me and u for botht he ceremony and rec. bc NOHTING bout our relationship is normal!! like what songs are u doing for like whenever like the bms are walkin down? i love sugarland!hmm nevr thought of lost in this moment. i like keeper of the stars.......tryin to think of the others that u listed i know it isnt going to be all country at the c receptioin its going to be a mix. thanks!!

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i know for me and my dad (i HOPE he doesnt have surgery on that week ill kill him that would hurt me. he might need back surgery that will really hurt bc i want him and mny stepdad to walk me down the aisle really bad that is something i always pictured)....anyway the butterfly kissses is what me and my real dad will dance to and for me adn my stepdad my fh and i chose stealing cinderella (bc he has always been like a second dad to me since i was like oh geex 10/ i am very surrprised that they dont have my mans song on there i wanna be your everything?!?!?! i LOVE that song.
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Are you open to the "older" country music as well? I.O.U. by Lee Greenwood is one of my favorite all time songs! You can listen to it here:

Here is CMT's "Top 100 Country Love Songs of All Time." This will give you a pretty good list:

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what about some Garth Brooks Shamless,Two of a Kind , those to are good dont know where to put them or when but those are good.

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Well right now I'm in a toss up between Butterfly Waltz, Cowboy Take Me Away and She's in Love with the Boy for BM walking in. I was thinking about using a different type of music, Butterfly Waltz just so that there is more of a difference, know what I mean?!

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besides george strait he LOVES garth brooks has practically all of his cds his i think he came out with 2? dvd box sets. he also like old country (not way back old, but e likes johnny cash, ummm george jones, willie, hank jr and sr ( i think) john michael montgomery )sold) just to name the few. he also likes the new stuff, but not as much. love that song to make u feel my love from hope floats. ill have to check out that cmt website thanks!
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My wife and I actually had a western wedding 3 years ago. We bought a country loves song sheet music book for under $20 at a local music store and our pianist played a bunch of songs we picked out as people were being seated. We did have the bridal march played when she walked in though only because her best friends mother was the one playing the piano and she really wanted to play that for us. So we let her. When we exited she played our song "When You Say Nothing At All" by Allison Kraus or Keith Whitley whichever you perfer. That was also our first dance song together. Believe me you have so many options with a western wedding. We loved it and had fun with it.

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awesome yoru wedding sounded like fun weddingsbywane! good i wont feel retarded then having the same song played twice. (me and u prob will be played twice i was torn on that song and he loves kenny also) ya my pastor suggested there organist/keyboard player, but its like idk if she has any suggestions or can play the few songs picked out.....about how many do u actually pick out? (for the people coming in and being seated...the bridal party walkin down (i know thats one already have that picked out) me walkin down teh aisle (already figured that out) not sure on the unity candle/rememberance candle. the i guess recessioinalo? was thinkin maybe reg song and not sure on the prosititude song wheenver i guess everyone goes up to the exit enterance to meet and greet. so clueless.
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