Chinese Wedding Ceremony and Venue
I just recently got engaged couple weeks ago. Now, the hard part is to plan the wedding, and any help/suggestions/recommendations will greatly be appreciated!

I am looking for a decently priced restaurant or hotel that can accomodate a traditional Chinese Wedding Banquet. Please help.

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studio G occasions
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Are you looking to stay in the LA Basin or would you consider north toward Ventura or south to Orange county? Also, how many guests do you anticipate?

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We will be staying in the LA basin area. Number of guests will be between 100-150.

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We had our rehearsal dinner at Prince Seafood ( in Cerritos. The food was good and the price was decent. I also thought the decor of the restaurant was nice, but I don't have much to compare it to. I heard it's a popular place for Chinese wedding banquets.

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May I ask how much do they charge per table and whether they provided tasting or not? Thanks for the response!

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I just got married at the Westin Bonaventure in Downtown LA. Had the ceremony on the outside patio/pool deck area with the beautiful downtown buildings as backdrop. Then we went inside for the reception at the Hollywood Ballroom. I had little under 200 people at the wedding. 18 tables, but table head counts varied between 8 - 12 people.

If you are not looking to get married and have the reception in a chinese restaurant, there are only 4 places that I know of in Los Angeles area that cater to the chinese banquet menu - Westin Bonaventure in Downtown, Universal Hilton, San Gabriel Hilton & Pacific Palms.

Reason why I picked Westin Bonaventure was because Universal Hilton's decor looked 70ish, I hated it. Pacific Palms is too expansive and far away from my friends and family. San Gabriel Hilton is new, I heard stories on how it's so unorganized. Besides, for the amount of $$ i'm spending, the Hiltons won't give me a suite at the night of the wedding. hope this helps.

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Also, the minmum $$ you have to spend on food & beverage for 200 people is as followed: (it's the price I was quoted last year, this amount excludes tax & service charge)

Westin Bonaventure: $15,000 ($4,000 deposite at time of booking), Jr. suite comped at the night of the wedding. banquet menu is decent. around $500 can you get you lots of seafood, lobster & sharkfin soup. Ceremony, $10 per person outside, $5 per person if you choose to do it in one of the ballrooms.

Universal Hilton: $9,000 (but their food is more expansive, it's very easy to go over $9,000. it's $500 per table, and that's not even the banquet menu with lobster & seafood) Interior decor is outdated, it needs a facelift. Ceremony, $1000 outside for 200 heads.

San Gabriel Hilton: $15,000, same comment as Universal Hilton on the food, interior decor is modern, outside ceremony area is beautiful. Ceremony cost $2000 to be held outside.

all prices quoted from last year around sept.

good luck!
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We have a great selection of Asian themed wedding favors. Feel free to contact me or visit


Ever After Celebrations
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Hi Lyanne,
You could always go with a "Double Happiness" theme for your wedding. We have an entire selection of double happiness items at such as program paper, cake topper, place card holders,and designer take-out boxes that can be used for favors.

I would love to chat and help you create the ideal decor for your wedding!

Best wishes and congratulations,

Ericka Dudley
Ever After Celebrations
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Hi Matt & Lyanne,

Congratulations on your wedding. Have you tried China Town, There are lots of beautiful buildings and halls to host your wedding and reception. Also Whittier and parts of Monterey Park...If you are still looking for or need a location please feel free to contact us. If you have booked a photographer he/she would be your best source of information.

Best Wishes,

Samantha Hines
Digishots Photography
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I would recommend Ocean Star or NBC in Monterey Park....I've seen great receptions done at both venues (and the food is fantastic!). They are very familiar with traditional Chinese Banquet receptions and offer competetive pricing. Best Wishes!
-Devi Lehman
Les Fleurs de Vie
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Hi Lyanne,

I'm Chinese and I have seen Traditional Chinese wedding done in Hotels, Halls, and Banquet Halls. I really like Monterey Park, because its well known by Chinese people.

If you need a Photographer here is our website.

If you need any help let us know. I speak Cantonese.

David Do
(714) 200-3136


Bella Sophia Events, LLC
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Pacific Asia Museum in Pasadena!

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