Childrens table?
My FH and I can't decide if we want to have a childrens table at our reception, or have them sit with their parents? There will be a 13 year-old we could probably talk/bribe into sitting with them and watching them during the dinner, and we would have the parents sitting at a table near them. I just don't know which one would be better?

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I'm not sure but I would think having them by their parents would be best.
I think it would keep the temper tantrums to a minimum and I think their parents might keep them under better restraint than a teen who doesn't really care how they act. (Just an opinion, she could be an amazing baby sitter but just an assumption)

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ask a couple of the parents what they would prefer~ if you do have a kids table, you may want to hire a babysitter to actually be in charge of the kids during the event. I've seen both options work well, it really depends on what the parents want and if the kids are okay with dining with strangers.

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The 13 year old is really responsible, so he would do a good job. And the parents table would be right beside the kids table. But that's a good tip for asking the parents.

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If you have the young adult supervision the Kiddo's activities "area" is the way to go.... so you have the tables. put parchment paper on the tables, crayons in tins as their centerpieces and have an older and responsible niece/nephew/bro/sis "kid sit" for a small fee......

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And mind you the young adult has the experience with the youngins....

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We were thinking of putting paper on it, like some restaurants do, for them so they can draw on it and such. And the idea for the center piece is a good idea! The youngest one at the table will be 4, and she's really well behaved. And it would be FH's cousin watching them, and we were going to pay him if we go with that :) But maybe just have them sit with their parents for dinner and have a separate table for their activity table?

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And he does have experience with kids lol. He's around them quiet a lot at family things, and is usually looking after them, or at least helping to.

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well I don't know about this one because children are not allowed at my but really we are having an adult reception!

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I was thinking of just having an adult reception, but a couple people have kids that I want there and know they wouldn't come if their kids weren't allowed.

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hire baby sitters and put them at their own tables, i am planning on having lots of kid friendly activities sectioned off at the reception so the kids can have a blast and the adults need not worry about keeping up with their little ones...we will see how it goes.

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I have 3 boys attending (ages 10, 9 and 3). Each will be sitting with their parents. For their place setting I'm keeping it the same as the adults but swapping out their menu cards and cups with something more child appropriate and adding a favor box in the matching theme (doing a sports theme for them) filled with various things to keep them occupied.

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I agree ask a couple of the parents just to see. I think having an activity table would be great. Keeps them busy and not running around like crazy :-). I'm planning on having an activity table for the kiddos too

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All of the children attending our wedding are really young so they are going to sit with their parents. I am thinking of doing some activity bags with coloring books or something for them though.

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Either way if we have a kids table or not, we're giving them special favors more geared towards kids.. I don't imagine that an 8 year old boy would like a purple heart shaped soap.
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If they were each old enough (and hungry enough) to sit still, I would think a kids table is fine. Though I would rather like to have an adult conversation, I won't be having it because I will be turning around to see what my kid is doing. I would definately bring them something to do. And because they seem young, I would put them with their parents.

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A children's Activity sheet to keep them amused?

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I am having the kids eat dinner with the parents then afterwards the hall will be clearing a table and having kids activities.
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