Cheap Save-The-Date Cards!!
Need to send the cards by this MONTH!!... Does anyone know where i can find them for a good price?..

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I was thinking more of save the date Magnets

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May 01, 2012 at 3:11 AM • Flag As Inappropriate has some but if your looking for picture magnets I would look at

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Check out Hayley's page for the vistaprint. She has all the instructions on how to do this with the magnets and everything

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Hey Jeannette

This is the page Kimm is talking about.

$.32 STD Magnet on Free Postcards

100 free postcard from
25 free magnets
add white envelopes (thin)

and you can then put in a second order for 25 more free ones = $7.61

also use the link (posted in the discussion above) and 50 more would cost $7 and S&H = $12.67

3 orders = 100 postcards and 100 magnets, 100 envelopes = $32.29

That is like saying your Save the date Magnets are $0.32
and you are getting Free Postcards to put them on, and Free envelopes (thin).

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OMG Hayley! This is such an awesome idea! Thank you soo much!

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I did mine through

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I know someone poseted yesterday about and they could save you time and money

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I got mine at VP. Not AS good a deal as Hayley's but I got a great price all the same.

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thank you hayley

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i am using magnetstreet

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Great ideas futur brides! I may have to use one of them. We decided on save the date magnets too. I'm so excited for all of us! Haley- that looks great!

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Hi Jeannette ~ click this link. It will take you to Rack cards, but you can use the drop down menu in the top left to find the magnets and postcards. Below lists all the items that should show up FREE in your cart.

1 free pen
10 free note cards (table #'s, just buy numerical stickers to number them)
1 free wall calendar
1 free note pad (same size as postcard envelopes if you want to get it to line the envelopes)
25 small magnets
1 XL magnet (just married for car)
25 free brochures (itinerary, programs)
50 free rack cards (itinerary, programs, menu, welcome letters)
100 free postcard (Save the Date, rsvp, map inserts, thank you cards)
50 free xL postcards (same size as invites)
140 free return labels
1 free lawn sign
250 premium business cards (favor tags, well wishes)

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The link I posted before, at the top of this discussion, was just to bring you to a discussion that shows you details of all the fun things you can make with the free items. It also has links for you to get free paper samples.

PM me if you have any other questions :)
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