Cheap location Ceremony & Reception in MD
I'm getting married n September, 2012. I will have about 60 guests only. Its been though to find a cheap place where I can have my ceremony and reception. I'm looking for a place in PG county, Montgomory County, Anne Arundel and Frederick County.
I'm in a tight budget...really tight....
Does anyone know a place in MD where I can have my ceremony and reception at the same location with a tight budget???
I don't wanna a sit down meal. I want a buffet style with a ceremony around 3pm....
I really apreciate ideas......

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Hi Carla, I'm not from MD, but I have used the Vendors tool bar at the top, and it is pretty helpful.It also has the option to search for venues within your zipcode or area that you desire.The best way to find prices that fit your budget in your location, is to call the venues. Prices may differ from now until the time you get married.

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I'm from md and I got the best response by calling around. It gives you ideas on how people respond to you on the phone. I used the vendors toolbar as well and it was extremely helpful in many ways, it gives you contact info as well as brides who have used the venue before!

Have you looked into restaurants where you can rent out the room? Some places can give you a fix menu or they can do family style as well. Just an idea.
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One of the sites in Quiet Waters Park has a site that is listed as a 75 person max. I'm not sure if you can do outside catering however. I don't know that side of things very well! ;) I love shooting there, lots of strong photo spots to work with!

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What kind of setting are you looking at for anne arundel county? Do you want indoor or outdoor? I know your budgets tights, but whats your max?
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My boss daughter got married at Quiet Waters Park and they used an outside caterer. Could ask them if they have select vendors and that can be helpful. A lot of venues have vendors they can suggest and many vendors will give you a deal for being reffered.

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Thanks guys for sharing your ideas.
My guest list is 60pl. My budge is 3500-4000.
I want an outside ceremony. I want something simple, but nice.

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you can check into downs park, they have a place you can rent plus an outside ceremony site...I am thinking of others and will let you know as I think of them

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I already have dress, potography, pastor paid.
The budge would be for ceremony and reception.

I just sent an email to the Quiet Waters Park. The park looks nice.

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Im thinking about ceremony at 2pm or 3pm, followed by reception for about 4hs only.

What kind of food should I provide?

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My son is having his wedding at Rockwood Manor. You might want to check it out. Depending on the day and season, you can rent it for as low as $1,200 for an 8-hour day, or as low as $500 for four hours. They have facilities for either indoor or outdoor ceremonies, with a lovely gazebo you can use for outdoor ones. They allow you to use any licensed caterer, which helps to keep food and beverage costs down. And there is plenty of lodging on-site for OOT guests or just guests who want to drink without worrying about driving.

Or there is a Brides on the Bus coming up on March 13, which will take you around to all the Montgomery County Parks facilities suitable for weddings.
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I've worked a wedding at Linganore Winery. They have a nice outside location along with an inside area for food and other needs as necessary. They offer tours of the winery and though they're out in the middle of nowhere, no worries on cell phone reception (I've had a few ask about this). It's about 10-15 minutes east of Frederick if I recall correctly.

The wedding I did had about 150 people in attendance and was a split indoor/outdoor affair that utilized one of our wireless sound systems. If you're looking for a DJ and/or lighting, I'd be happy to work with you.

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What part of Maryland are you looking for. You can be specific, I'm originally from MD. Are you talking Balto? PG? Cecil Co. Westminster? All really different.

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Heh... Cecil Co. is definitely different from those others. (Grew up there.)

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Are you anywhere near Dorcester county? WE looked into renting a Paddleboat to get married on, though we had too many guest and would have had to rent two boats. I think one runs around your budget.

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I don't know anything local to you since I'm on the other side of the country, HOWEVER, I'm getting married at a 101 year old historic monument Water Temple. It only costs $150, it's beautiful and unique. Do you have anything like that out there, beautiful and not typically used for weddings?

(1st pic is my camera phone venue-scouting trip to the water temple, 2nd pic is someone else's wedding at the other water temple in CA)

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Do you know anyone that could sponsor you at one of the military bases? They usually have very good prices and reasonably nice facilities.

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I'm looking for a place in PG county, Montgomory County, Anne Arundel and Frederick County.

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The monument is so beautiful!!!!

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I would like to suggest Adelphi Mill.
It has outdoor and indoor space and is a historic site in PG County. I can also recommend a caterer if you like. I am currently planning my Oct 2011 wedding. You could also check out some of the other historic sites in PGC. They are located on the Parks and Planning website as well.
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