Change Name Before or After Honeymoon??
I was wondering if it would be better to change my last name to his before or after th honeymoon because we are going to Jamaca and I still need to get my passport. The problem I'm having is that I don't know what to do about my last name for it because I would like to go to Jamaca with my name being Danielle Wertz but I don't know if I will be able to. We are getting married July 3rd and leaving early on July 5th for the honeymoon. Would that cause a problem if i got my passport now and then got my name changed before we went to Jamaca? I'm so confused Help??

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I'm not sure what state you live in, but when i was married the first time I lived in AZ and now I live in IA for the second one. The law is the same in both states that you have to have your marriage license to change SS#, License, etc, which I assume also means your passport. I will have my current name on my passport and you have to order your tickets with what your passport has on it. I would say that you'll probably have to go with you madien name, but maybe things are different in the state you live in.

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I honestly do not think you will have time... TECHNICALLY your already a "Wertz" the day your married its just not on paper till later you will be going to Jamaica that way... The first thing I think you have to get changed is your Social Security Card in order to have things like your license changed but dont quote me on that... Your passport will take 4-6 weeks to reflect the name change as well I do believe so I am pretty sure your not going to have enough time...
I plan on just doing mine when I come back from my honeymoon... gives me something to look forward to doing when I get back :)

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I live in PA. thanks for the comments so far!

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I'm getting married in PA as well. I had the same concern as you with the whole name change thing and the passport for the honeymoon. Pretty much your name will not officially change until you go through the entire process of re-applying for driver's license, credit cards, blah blah blah after being officially married. You could get married techinically way before the wedding and do all the name change stuff, THEN apply for the passport to match and then just have the ceremony/reception at the wedding. I'm guessing that isn't what you want. Apply for the passport in your name, you then have a 6 months grace period after you get back for you to change the name on it. You can't get a passport for "wertz" unless you have a marriage certificate or birth certificate AND driver's license to prove that's your name.

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I was told when i went to get my passport do not change your name til u are bk from your honeymoon

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