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I was thinking of buying chair covers just for my husband's and my seats for our Vow Renewal/Anniversary and designing them myself. I was wondering if it's too tacky to only have seat covers just on the chairs of a sweetheart table and not at any of the other tables? Does anyone think this is a good idea, bad idea, wouldn't look right only on 2 chairs. We don't have the money in our budget to put seat covers or sashes on all of the chairs, but we want our table to stick out a little bit. There are too many people in our bridal party plus their guests andall the other invited guests to have a long head table and put chair covers on the bridal party's seats too. Please let me know your input. Thank you.

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Rev. Carleen Burns

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I don't think its a problem to have your chairs stand out in some way. Why not. Maybe you could even label them "Cinderella and Prince Charming"!

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its ok to have your chairs stick out a little bit if you want your chairs to stick out let them stick out who cares its your day. I mean if you want a big banner that say Mr and Mrs. than your last name go for it. I think that the chair covers on just your chairs is sweet and like your a king and queen.

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We thought about this too. It sounds like a really cute idea, but I don't think it would really help them "stick out" because once you are sitting in the chairs, no one will really notice, and when you're not sitting, guests will want to look at you or enjoy themselves, not pay attention to your awesome DIY chair covers.

We are also having a sweetheart's table and to make it "stick out" it will have a larger centerpiece, garland, our unity candle, and more candles on it than the guests tables. You can also use your bouquet to help make the sweetheart's table stand out by placing it in a vase. We are focusing on the table instead of the chairs.

Now, I am not saying don't do it because I think it will be meaningful to you and your new husband and it would look great. However, whenever I think about my decor, I always try to imagine it from a guest table perspective. I do love the idea of labeling the seats "Prince Charming" and "Cinderella," so just do what feels right!

Good luck!
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Its okay to just do the sweetheart table and cahiurs, but try this sight for an affordable option
They have the lowest prices on sashes and chair covers.

If you want to make them it may be a better idea to pruchase the basic cover and just design the sashes.

If the chairs are not seen easily, have a garland of flowers and greenery designed for the table front. I do Disney weddings all year and this looks magical and is out front as a focal point,
Feel free to go to my website for idea or if in so. Cal contact me
We create the Real Disney fantasy weddings at the resort and surrounding areas!! :-)

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Thank you for all of your replies. We're doing a Crawfish Boil for our Reception, so I'm trying to go with minimal centerpieces for the Tables and letting the Crawfish themselves serve as centerpieces (otherwise we have to move centerpieces around). I was thinking of buying the Chair Covers from Bed Bath & Beyond where they're on sale right now and just buying some printable fabric which Avery makes and ironing on Princess Becki and Prince Erick on one side with our icon of Cinderella and Prince Charming and on the back putting Mr. & Mrs. and buying enough tulle to make a bigger bow to go on the back of our chairs. I wasn't going to go too crazy on them. I feel like since we are having minimal decoration, I was going to have my sister or order hand painted wine glasses or champagne flutes and write each guest's names on them since I'm not doing place cards, but some way of having the Guest's Table Assignments. I think the glasses and maybe a few candles on each table with be decorative

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I was also going in a different route than bouquets, my Bridesmaids, Maid of Honor and Matron of Honor are all going to have personalized Parasols instead, I was going to get a Queen/Princess Sceptor or a parasol also instead of a bouquet, and once I choose my "flower girl" instead she will be my little "Fairy Godmother" and will carry a Fairy Wand with bells on it, and we may do some flowers, which we will pot ourselves instead of going in the route of hiring a florist and letting our local guests (since it's going to be a Destination Wedding/Vow Renewal) take home the potted flowers and plant them in their gardens. I know with my bridal party, I'd rather let them sit with guests they know and let our son sit with his cousins than have a table for 3 or a long table for 20-24 people as a head table. I just wasn't sure if it looked tacky to only do chair covers on the sweetheart table's seats (making it look like it's our own throwns) instead of all of the tables when the meal is messy.

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I love your idea of putting Cinderella and Prince Charming on the chair covers. Thank you.
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Creative Celebrations Sales Team

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I know someone who wants to get rid of their seat covers they used for their wedding and I know they are willing to sell them cheap. They live in Melbourne if you are interested at all. Not sure if this may help you?
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Book today for your February or March Wedding or Event. Rent your chair covers and Pay in Full and recieve your Sash rental for free. But you must book now in the month of January to recieve the February special. Please Email for more information.

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Thank you for letting me know someone you know is trying to sell their Chaircovers. I appreciate you letting me know. I'm making our favors, and flower pots, and tiles that we're going to use instead of place cards (each table will have a different tile with the guests at that table's names on it), as well as the tiles on each table that will serve as our guest book. I have so many artistic family members who want to help me with the chair covers, instead of buying them from a place that only has a few options to choose from and might not even have a color close to what we're using in our color scheme. I think I'm going to let my mom, sister, and MIL help me with decorating the chair covers. I think it will also help bond with them too.


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Thanks everyone. When I looked the other day at the venue's website where I'm hoping to have our Vow Renewal, they now actually include chair covers with a silver sash as part of the cost for every chair. They will charge us to change the color of the sashes if we choose, but since the venue is a great price, I don't see where the need to change the color is necessasary. I have pictures on my inspiration boards of what their chair covers with the sashes look like. I might just see if they will let us bring our own sashes or chair covers just for our own two chairs.
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