Chair covers??? HELP!!!
Where do you get chair covers for cheap? Or any advice on how to make them ourselves.

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Sorry, I have no advice on how to make them. I rented for my wedding ... mine were about $3.25 each WITH a black satin bow!

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We're not using chair covers, but I've heard other girls purchasing them on efavormart. If it's a similar cost to buy them vs. rent them, you might be able to resell them later and get your money back.

On that note maybe check on craigslist or recycledbride or oncewed to see if there are any brides selling used ones?

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I have a website that sells chair covers for the same price Maria is renting them. I guess you could always ask the vendor if they would be willing to deduct that price from your bill if you leave them behind

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I'm pretty sure you can rent them for cheaper than you can buy or make them. Some places have the cover alone for $1.75. The sash would be another .75 cents. I am getting mine through

Here's the link

Mrs L
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I bought mine from wedding bee classified for $2 each!

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I found mine on craigslist to rent ($1 each) then searched for a vender in our area also. I contacted the lowest priced vender who wanted $1.25 a chair cover and $50 per sash. I told her about the people on craigslist and to get our wedding she brought her price down to $1.25 for the chair cover AND sash! Look around and ask for deals

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Thank you everyone I think I will buy them and then resell them.

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We rented ours. They were $2.25 per chair cover, that included the colored sash. $35 for set-up and break down. Had we not gone this route were going to purchase them from But I would look around and find a place to rent them first before purchasing them.

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I bought mine at

I got my chair covers on 11/11/11 so i got 25% off. I ordered 150 chair covers for 1.50$ so much cheaper than renting!

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@Erin, that is a great price!! and I love that 11.11.11. date!!!

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To make them here is a website. Hope it helps.

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Getting mine with sashes for $1 per cover! We got lucky. Im in upstate NY and idk about anywher else but the venders in my area are over $3.50 per chair cover. :) Im excited

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Not too much help here, my venue supplies them. But sometimes they are cheaper to buy than to rent.

2d Bride
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We also bought ours on And we sold them after the wedding, so the net price ended up being very low.
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Get chairs you don thave to cover up. not a fan of covers.


Remarkable Rhinestone
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Your best bet is probably to rent linen covers at a very affordable price and use pins to gather them in the back. This will be inexpensive and very elegant. Here are some pins I would suggest to use:

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What about a sash?

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Don't buy them!!!!

I found it cheapest to rent them. You just have to do lots of research to find the cheapest price. You can even post an ad on craigslist to get more quotes.

I rented covers/sashes for $1.62 per chair.

2d Bride
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@ Genevieve: We bought and then resold chair covers, and the net cost ended up being far below $1.62 a chair.

Marie S. (aka Princess Leia)
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I'm making ours - the net will wind up exceding the basic poly or satin chair cover w/ sash but we wanted a velvet look. I found velour for 1.40/yd, I'll add some bling ribbon and some peacock feathers and will wind up around $2.25 per chair. There's no place out there that I could find that rents/sells the look that we were after for a reasonable cost - anything velvety was like $12-$20 a chair. No way Jose.

One thing to keep in mind w/ your linens - someone has to put them on & take them off, plus delivery and return. So make sure you have that in your budget and/or in your timelines particularly if you don't rent them. If you have 100 chairs that's 100 bows that need to be tied and if your anal like me, every bow needs to look exactly the same - which takes time. :-)
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