Ceremony/Reception in the same room!
My FH and I are on a budget also we are having a lot of guest come from out of town. We decided to have our wedding and reception at a hotel in the same room just so that it will be easier for my out of state guest. I would like to have my guest already seated at the tables during the wedding ceremony. I really don't want a traditional wedding, the ceremony is going to be short and sweet. But do you all think it will look tacky to have the guest seated at their tables during the ceremony? I've attached pictures below so that you can get an idea of the set up. I figured it would be nice because my guest will not have to move.

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It is totally doable. We are having a DW and both the ceremony and reception are in the same room. My guests will be seated at set tables, and the chairs will be facing the are in front of the fire place of the room, where we will be married. I am having a runner of fresh fall leaves and will enter on the side of the room. However, I will not open the bar or the appetizers until after the ceremony. I chose to do this because I was recently at a wedding where both were in the same room and the sounds of consumption were very distracting.

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Not tacky at all, as long as there is some sort of "break" area should you decide to do a changeover (from ceremony look, to reception look), and for guests who can't sit still all day. lol Most hotels have a lobby, so you should be fine.

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I've heard of people doing this before, I don't think it's tacky :-)

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Thanks! No I will not have food or drinks served until after the ceremony! I think it will be ok if its decorated nice. It will still be elegant, I hope LOL!

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Good luck! It is so doable.

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I think it is a fantastic idea. The photos are gorgeous, not a bit tacky. In hindsight I wish I had organized the reception/ceremony location better, closer together even if not in the same location. I like the idea of a break in between, you could get pictures taken, or just take an hour to freshen up, and come back for the reception. I honestly think more people will do this.

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That looks good. I've been to wedding and reception before that was in the same room last year and tons of her guests still talk about that being the most tackiest wedding of all time. But, the pictures you showed looks good! Do they have an area outside they can set up for a ceremony? or a smaller room?

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I don't think it's tacky at all. My only concern would be that some of your guests would have their backs to the alter area during the ceremony. If you have a way of addressing this issue, then I say go for it. The photos you posted are beautiful and elegant.

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We are actually pondering the same issue.....so I am glad you brought it up...

My father re-married a few years ago and he had something like this...and while it was nice...I was annoyed because some ppl did NOT pay attention and were rummageing thru their purses....talking to the person sitted next to them.....drinking and even eating.....

Their alter set up was in the middle of the dance floor, and everyone sat at their designated assigned tables......

But the tables already had candies on them , bread and butter and filled water glasses....

If I choose to do this,I am with the others, make sure somehow all chairs somehow are faceing the alter and there is NO food or drink available til after the ceremony!

I wouldn't want to hear the clanking of glasss while reciting vows.....I would hope everyone would want to pay attention...thats the reason they are there in the first place...but some people...well, we all have some of "those" people...lol

luv the pics !!!

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As it stands now, MY ceremony and reception are in the same location, but the ceremony will take place then a fast room turnover to accomodate the reception will take place...BUT...if no one else books at my venue, they will have the reception and ceremony in two separate rooms.......so...there will be no wait time in between....

BU if someone does book and we both are useing the same large reception area for room turnovers it will be crowded.....and thats why i was almost pondering the same idea as you.....

as of now..NO other bookings ! fingers , eyes,legs crossed it stays this way :)

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We may have the room set up ceremony style then ask the guest to go into the lobby while we change it over for the reception...You are right I thought abt people not paying attention during the ceremony.

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We used the same room for both. The only difference is that we took the chairs from the 4 tables closest to the dance floor and set up rows of seats. So we had 40 chairs set up to make an aisle, and the rest of the guest were at their tables. Our parents and other immediate family got the VIP seating. After the ceremony the staff put the chairs back under those tables. Most of the other guests turned their chairs around if they were set with their backs to us.

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I think its actually very pretty!

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i really like this idea. i dont think its tacky

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Michele, I agree with your last comment have it set up ceremony style and then your guest can go to another area for cocktail hour and the hotel staff flip the room.

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Not tacky at all. That picture is beautiful. I went to a wedding that was done like that, I had a ball and the set up never came to mind.

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My wedding will also bi in one room. I have the option to rent a chapel for $300 for 1 hour. But my ceremony will only be about 30 min. I think its fine. i went to a wedding where everything was in one room and it was great.
At my venue my girls come an hour before the ceremony to take pictures, then the guys come 30 before to do their pictures but fh and i wont see each other until the ceremony. my venue even included my pics so it worked out for me

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I met with a decorator today..She showed me some pictures with the set up I had in mind. I am sooo excited I think it will turn out nice!

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I have seen it done and you are right its very affordable. I don't know if it counts but were having ours in the same building!!!! Floor 3 is the Ceremony Room and Floor 1 is the Reception hall! It made more sense to me because it completely eliminated driving time.

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me and fh are doing the same thing our wedding and reception is going to be at the same place we wanted to save money and i didnt want people to have to do a lot traveling and u know my grandparents
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