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We're having a friend officiate our wedding and I'm looking for some sample scripts to give him to let him pull and piece together. He got ordained especially for us and has never performed a ceremony before, so we're looking for all the help we can get.

Any websites you've found with great ceremony scripts?

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I can't remember the site name, but I just googled "Ceremony Scripts"

Hayley C™
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My brother-in-law performed our ceremony and it was his first time too. Unfortunately I don't remember the sites I used. But like Ashley I just googled wedding ceremonies. I took bits and pieces from different places and pretty much wrote the whole ceremony myself.

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Thanks ladies!

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I am using a script I picked out with my Grandfather even though he won't be there. He was a preacher and had books of ceremonies. Most preacher will have books of them to look through.
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