Celebrations registry event starts today - Anyone tried it?
celebrations.com (which includes, Bon Ton, Carson Pirie Scott, Bergner's, Younkers, Boston Store, etc.) is starting a big registry event today. If you create a registry between today (1/19) and 1/29, and put "25 unique items" on it, you get a $25 coupon good for almost anything in the store.
I'm wondering if anyone has tried doing this yet or has plans to. I'm interested, but wonder if it's more hassle than it's worth. (We don't really want a registry at that store, but $25 worth of anything, which I could easily use for bridal party gifts, etc., would be nice.)
Does 25 unique items mean 12 plates = 1 item?
How long does it take to set up a registry at one of these stores? Is it basic or an extensive process?
What is excluded from the $25 coupon?
Later we could share the fabulous things that we got with our $25...

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wow... I wish I had known. We already set up with uponourstar.com and love it! but this is cool!

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I went today after work! I spent about an hour total, setting up the registry, listening to the lady's advice, and scanning items. I chose things that I wouldn't mind having, but that I don't care if we get or not. We're not telling anyone about this registry, listing it on our wedding website, etc.

In exchange, I got a $25 gift card, which I immediately used to buy FH a pair of Isotoner gloves (on sale for $8) and 4 metal water bottles (with carabiner clips) to use as prizes for the Brad and Mary 5K, which we are organizing for the morning of our wedding. I still have $3.26 left on the card to spend whenever!

If you live in the northeast or midwest, and aren't already registered at the Bon Ton group stores, I highly recommend doing this!
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