Catholic Church Wedding Cost?
My Catholic Church wedding is going to cost 700. I think that is a bit much. Its 250 for the church, 300 for the cantor and organist, and 150 for the deacon. For those of u having a religious cermony/catholic wedding is this what you are paying? We are members of the church. It almost makes me want to go another route, but my wedding is in a like 70 days.

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Ours will be in a church and i have a required deposit of $100. And there are suggested or listed prices for each person you select. ie: the main singer/organizer of songs and reading for us has a specified price of $150. But, there is suggested "gift" prices for Father and each alter server provided throught the church. I would call the church secretary and tell her you find this to be a large cost and is there reductions available? She will know and most likely guide you along w/out making you feel awkward. If no prices can budge can you opt to bring in someone special to do your readings and eliminate a cost?

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Our readings are going to be done by people we choose (friends of ours) so they are free, if we dont' go with their musicians we have a mandatory fee of 150 regardless. I feel really awkward calling them and telling them that we are on a serious budget and if they could offer discounts. Although I have been thinking about doing that everyday.

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I would try to not feel strange for asking.. seems like the tag line for everything but "the economy the way it is" should help them understand. Churches recieve other means of monetary income so this is not going to make/break them where as other wedding business' dont have as much flex. If you ask and they say no they you arent out anything :>)

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We are getting married at our Catholic parish and it was 350 (for church costs and wedding coordinater and altar servers) and for the music it will be about another 250 for the organist and cantor. So your church costs sound about right. If you were getting married somewhere else, you would have to rent the facility (chairs, PA system, etc..) and you would have to pay for a minister or officient which is also expensive. The venue I am having my reception at charges 1,000 for set up if we were having our ceremony there so we are actually saving money by getting married at our church. If you really can not afford the suggested donation that your church is asking for, set up a meeting with your priest and explain your situation. They will not refuse to marry you if you can't afford it. But the ceremony is the most important thing, and should be your first priority, without it you wouldn't be married.

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Thanks guys! I really appreciate it. Deidre, you are right!

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My sister's wedding was in a catholic church and I think she paid about $550 for everything, including the rehearsal.

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You got off easy. I got married in the Catholic Church the first time in 1986. There were none of the fees that exist today, apparently in many parishes and dioceses. My parish is now (not the same as the first) up to $1600 when you count the fee for the marriage formation classes. Fortunately, they charged me nothing for the annulment.

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I must be really lucky - for the wedding and reception (all occurring at the church) we paid $425, and the pre-cana we went through was informal and free...
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