My FML, fiance, and I have had a hard time with the flexibility of our Catering Director. Her schedule seems to be very busy and is unable to meet in the evening when we are not working. She says that they also only do tastings on certain days. Am I being a difficult customer to expect these things, or should she be working around our schedule. Wondering if this is normal for the industry or if we chose the wrong caterer?

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Caterers work nights, and not just weekend nights so they are unavailable to do tastings at that time. Plus, they need lives too :-) It is completely 100% normal for a caterer to only offer tastings during the week, during the day. A caterer I used to work for offered tastings only on Wednesdays. Another only did group tastings once a month. My caterer offered day time weekday tastings, so we took a long lunch hour from work.

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I also think it would be impossible for them to accommodate everyone's schedules. Our venue offered tastings 4 -6 times a year. Yes, that's right. It was a restaurant so we knew in general what the food was going to be like. But they cook using seasonal ingredients and change the menu accordingly. When we did the tasting there were about 20 couples there. I understand it would be impossible for them to schedule 20 different tastings. So I don't think you chose the wrong caterer, at least not for scheduling reasons.

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I worked in the Catering business for 5 years plus. This was never our policy we always worked with each couple individually and tried to work around their schedules. Granted it could get a little crazy but every single cook on our team knew how to prep each meal, talk to the costumer ect. And working on nights and weekend just made us all the more available because we could just leave one person behind and they would catch up after the tasting. I think you got a really difficult caterer. And as a customer, spending your money on them you deserve their attention and consideration.
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I don't think they are trying to be inflexible. Caterers have busy seasons, this is one of them. They won't be as easy to get through graduation and wedding seasons. During your reception, they won't stop to call or check in with another bride.

We try to meet with clients when they can, but sometimes that just is not possible. So some places have a certain day or time they will do a tasting. That is likely for a couple reasons, one of which is they will not book something else during that time. A lot of places are going with group tastings now. People will make an appointment. You will make the food. You will wait for them. They will call 10 minutes after they should be there to say they are not coming. Places are changing the way they do things to limit the amount of waste that unfortunately happens.

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I agree - caterers, especially this time year, are incredibly busy. Ours was able to meet with us one evening at 6 pm luckily. Also, they only do tastings every other Saturday so we are going to go to the next one they have. Hang in there!
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This is an insane time of year for caterers. It's not that they don't want to work with you, but they also are focused on the week's events, just like you'd want them to be with yours. Nothing makes me more crazy than having a banquet manager drag a couple through MY couple's wedding to see the place set up.

I've been invited to three of my couples' tastings (I used to be a caterer....) and all of them were in the middle of a weekday....
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