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We can not find a catering service for what we want or if we do, they have blown us off. If anyone can help that would be awesome! We don't want to spend more than 13$ per person, buffet style, cuts/serves cake, light clean up when guests are finished eating, rustic country is our theme, estimated 180-200 guest. We only need linen service for the head table (but that idea might change). We don't have a huge budget since we are paying for everything ourselves but we are open for anything.

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You are from PA. $13 per person is not very much to work with. Things can get pricey in PA. Have you checked out any local VFW halls, fire halls, Knights of Columbus halls. They may have their own caterers and they could fit in your budget.

Good luck.
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As a former caterer, I'd find that difficult to work with as well. Two hundred guests, even with the most minimal service, is going to need 7-9 servers; there is no such thing as light clean up. There is also a liability issue; without enough staff to properly heat and serve, the caterer leaves themselves open to a risk of food safety issues.
Cut the guest list. Best advice. Probably not what you wanted to hear, but seriously, you can barely go to a decent chain restaurant for 13.00 per person.

Either that or go with a lunch buffet of sandwiches, cold salads and a cake.
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I agree with Celia and Carole. Don't forget to include taxes and gratuity into the price. So if $13 should cover everything, you're probably looking at under $9 per person for food alone. So either take a hatchet to the guest list, or change the time for the reception and go with cake and punch.

BTW, did the caterers blow you off when they hear the price range, or...?
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What you are asking for is unrealistic. I applaud you for paying for everything yourself so I suggest cutting back elsewhere.
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Mrs. M
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A friend of mine paid 12 dollars a plate through Goodwood if you have one around.. it was for a 200 person wedding. Best of luck.

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I have found a few for under my price range and a little above (which we can handle), so its not really "unrealistic." The ones that have blown me off were the ones that were cheaper so that wasn't at all the problem, it was just them being unreliable (?). We already have our venue booked so no I didn't look at any place like that. By light cleaning I mean just the caters own things and the plates. We are just getting the plates and utensils from Costco. They have the one that look real (I cant remember the brand) so they just need thrown away.

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@Joyce - I encourage you to try getting 'recommended' vendors right here within your account on WeddingWire! Based on your answers to a few questions (budget, number of people, location, etc.), the system will automatically populate a list of possibilities that will fit your needs.

To start:
-Go to 'My Wedding' and click 'My Vendors'
-Click the 'Recommended Vendors' tab

This should help you get a better idea of your options considering your location and the number of guests you need to accommodate.

You can also search directly from our homepage at for 'Catering' vendors in your area.

Good luck! :)
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There is an old saying; good, cheap, fast; you can have two but not all three......
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Hi Joyce,

You could try Five Starr Catering, Chef & I Catering, and Dobi Catering. I'm not 100% sure that they'll fit into your budget, but it's worth a try.

You might be able to get a caterer in to drop off food but not provide clean-up services and linen and stay within your budget too, so keep that idea open.

Best of luck,

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I'm in southwest Florida and we are going with a local restaurant that caters. This is our menu, then I will tell you the price. 1/4 chicken, 1/4 lb pulled pork, mashed potatoes, cole slaw, beans, corn bread, Caesar salad.....thats what everyone gets. It's buffet and it is $8.00 per person. Each server is an additional $100. Yes, it's barbecue but the food there is amazing! Check local, ask around, it can be done. I would rather have some yummy BBQ over a slab of nearly raw prime rib any day, but that's my preference. We are proving the two tables for catering ($30) and the linens. Don't get discouraged.....just think "outside the box" :) good luck!
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Vicki, that sounds delicious. What restaurant is it?

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Have you thought about cupcakes instead of cake? It eliminates needing somebody to cut & serve cake

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Nancy T it is called Gold Rush BBQ, its not quite on Venice Island. 661 Tamiami Trail, Venice. They cater alot of golf and United Way functions my boss attends and he told us to check them out. FH and I went to their restaurant and after the first bite we knew they were the ones...amazing food! The catering menu is on the website We are getting married at The Beach Retreat (near the drum circle Nokomis Beach) So they are super close :)

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I am actually in touch with Chef & I catering now. Hoping they will be the ones I go with. His prices are great. My Aunt insists on doing my cake. We were already planning on doing the guest table linens, but it wouldn't bother me to ditch the head table linens.

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Check out bbq places, when looking for catering M & I found they had cheaper prices. We ended up going with our favorite bbq place that my mom & step dad go to a lot for $11.68 per person $40 for them to do clean up.

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We are going with chef and I catering! Just got back from a tasting with them :) Amazing is an understatement!

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Also, check out larger grocery stores. Some of them do catering beyond the meat and cheese trays. A friend of mine did this and saved a fortune.
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