Can't Find a Reception Venue! Help??
We found a reception venue that we simply LOVE! However, because the venue only allows they're own catering, we can't afford it! I know some people can afford it, but we can't afford to spend $11,000 on food alone! It doesn't help that I don't even know what half the foods even were! We just want a venue that is gorgeous both inside and out that will let us do our own food, or at least have catering that we can afford! I don't know what to do anymore!! I'm getting soo frustrated! Any ideas??

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We went with a hotel that has a ballroom. We have a lot of out of town guests that are flying in, so there is a convenience factor. Also the price is pretty decent too. We are getting the presidential suite one night free and a complimentary breakfast and champagne in the room! We have about 70 people expected, and our bill will be somewhere between 5-6k, depending on the dinner we choose, if we upscale the beer selection, and a couple other small factors.

They include open premium bar, dance floor, set up, stage for the band, chairs, all the tables we need and skirting. I'd check around at local Hotels (usually the big ones, not the "express" and such)

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We are doing our ceremony at a hotel (banquet room), and reception at the laborers hall. I am not sure where you are but check for local laborers hall. This is often an overlook but the one we found is $4000 cheaper than having our reception at the hotel. They do everything a hotel will do including uplighting if you want to add a different touch to it. The look is exactly the same once your decor is up.

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Why not do it at someones home? I've had three of my friends use our Church Bishops home that is absoulutley gorgeous and they spent under $4,000 for at least 200 people. I bet you could find someone that would be willing to lend you their home for your special day :)

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I can understand your frustration I had the hardest time finding a venue that I loved, fit my vision and cost what I was willing to pay. I went back thru all my inquirires and had overlooked a hotel that I actually pass almost everyday. Turns out they fit my vision outdoor space for ceremony indoor reception with gorgeous view. And I almost fainted when I found the price it was 8,000 cheaper than the place I originally wanted to have wedding but didn't meet my standards during tour.
Where are you located? What are you looking for in a venue maybe some of us ladies can help and provide suggestions.

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If you found a caterer that you like and that is within your budget, maybe you can ask him/her for a list of suggested venues. A caterer is likely to know which places will allow outside caterers. They may even have some creative suggestions that you would not have been able to come up with yourself.

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Try an outdoor venue. They're cheaper and often allow different caterers, so that you can choose who you like..

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What area are you in?
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Having been a caterer, I can tell you that going with an outside caterer at a venue (even one you don't have to pay for) is not usually the most cost effective way to go. You will have to (probably) rent china, linens, possibly tables, chairs and cooking equipment too. If you're in an outdoor venue, you obviously have to take into consideration what Plan B will be...tenting is NOT cheap. And having a wedding for 200 people at your house is not for the faint of heart...think parking. Think bathrooms.........think really hot, really cold, really rain....

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Where are you? That makes a huge difference. We rented a historic mansion owned by the Arts Council in our city. For the msot part, we could do whatever we wanted. They had preferred vendors, but didn't have a vendor list for us to choose from- we brought in who we wanted. None of the vendors we chose were on their list- and they didn't cahrge us a fee.

Look for non-profit organizations in your area. Bed and breakfasts may let you bring in a caterer. I'm not a fan of outdoor spaces- because weather is unpredictable, and with the cost of tenting, you often spend more. VFW halls are available. Hotels usually make you use their caterers. But you have options! Just keep looking!

And look at ways to cut your costs- cut the guest list, do a Saturday afternoon instead of evening, etc.

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For those asking: I'm in Nash County in North Carolina... I really can't travel more than an hour away from my hometown due to elderly relatives that will be attending. And I am trying to find an outdoor venue with little success...

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Sarah I live in Washington NC. I'm about an hour from you! We have a beautiful Civic Center here, chairs and tables included.
Sky is the limit for this place.
You can see the river from the building.

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MMmmm... I don't think we can go all the way out to Washington with some of our elderly family (they're dinosaurs I swear... ha ha!). However, I actually do know where that is! The facility really is gorgeous, and you gave me a simply brilliant idea of a venue that's right here in town that I completely forgot about! I just hope they're decent on price...
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