Candlelight colored dress....ivory or white veil???
The dress I am wearing is my mothers and it is slightly darker than candlelight but not as dark as ivory. I am trying to order a veil online but the only color choices are white or ivory. I'm afraid ivory will look "dirty" compared to the dress or that white will have a blue tint. Has anyone else had this problem? I have attached some pictures of my dress, with a camera flash the dress looks brighter. Thanks in advance for the advice :)

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Not sure I understand candlelight, but that's probably b/c the dress looks white in the photo. If you can't get something that matches, I would just make sure whatever you have is of a complementary tone. For example, if "candlelight" has a yellowish tone, go for something that is similarly yellowish, if not the same shade than from the same spectrum. Make sense?

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Try searching for Diamond White. This is a popular white in between white and ivory.

They have some here:

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Another website with Diamond White:

Beautiful dress btw! I think a cathedral length would be gorgeous with it!

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Michelle-Thanks for the website!

J&R-Yes! This is my debate also. In photos the dress looks more white than it is. There is a slight yellowish tone to it when looking at the dress on a hanger. So I have bounced back and forth on a veil. I should really just take the dress to a boutique to try on veils but I'm really set on the one online.

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I say take the dress to a bridal shop to compare and find the best fit. Your dress is beautiful!

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Michelle- The website you linked to me ( has free color swatches they will send you to match up to dress. How cool is that :) That will help since the dress is being altered at the moment and I'm anxious to purchase a veil.

Kerri- Thank you!! :)

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I'd go with diamond white and the dress is very pretty!

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Wow, that's your mom's dress??? Looks great!

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Are there any vintage bridal shops in your area? Maybe finding something used would work out well...?

Good luck - you look absolutely stunning! How special to be able to wear your mom's dress!

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What did you end up with? I have the same dilemma. My dress is off white and the only veil I liked with my dress is ivory. In person, you can hardly tell a difference. In photos, the flash makes the dress look whiter.
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