Can you join the airforce with a GED
My fiance never finished high school. He almost did, but didn't quite make it.
Now he's in line to get his GED.
Does the airforce recruit people without a high school diploma but a GED?

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you have to have a GED to be in any service of the armed forces... 100% positive

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So, if he gets his GED he can be in the airforce? I'm just making sure that he'll still be able to join with a GED but no high school diploma

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the GED pretty much confirms the high school diploma... (it gets you the diploma in a shorter amount of time than 4 years of high school) once he has the GED he can be in any service...

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Melissa is right. He either needs a GED or a high school diploma...they are pretty much equivalent. He has to take the ASVAB though next, and he needs to do as well as he can on it.

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Hi Dawn! It really depends on a few things...1.) Have they made their "GED" quota for the year...they can only let so many people in the military with a GED so if they've met that number then he's out of luck and 2.) what's his ASVAB score. Someone with a GED but a high ASVAB score has a greater chance to get a educational waiver (because he doesn't have a HS diploma) than someone with a GED and a low ASVAB score. The good news is the Air Force isn't the only branch of the military (my husband and I are both Army so we're partial) so if the Air Force says no....ask someone else. Each branch has slightly different requirements and slots for waiver. If the Air Force won't take him talk to the Army or Marines or Navy and see what they say. You can also try the Coast Guard. All you can do is ask and if the say "no" you haven't lost anything. Good Luck!!
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