Can we have a private wedding in jamaica and then the big "real" wedding back at home (usa)
hellooo... we are a fun couple looking to have a private romantic sunset, barefoot, beach wedding in jamaica, "secretly." then the following year have the big "real" wedding ceremony back at home (nj) where everyone will be invited and know about. our question is, after getting married in jamaice, will that create any kind of problems or complications in the big wedding the following year? as far as legality or paperwork? what should we do as far as registering back at home? any help, experience or advice would be awesome!!! thanks...

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Well it depends on if either of you are planning to change your name. Since legally, I can sign with my married name even if I don't officially change it, I'm not bothering to change it. So the only differences legally are that I put "married" on my tax form and had to change my insurance and things like that to reflect my new status.

Just make sure to get a copy of your Marriage Certificate to take to City Hall and register your marriage. :)

We're having a huge Church wedding this June, to which all family and friends are invited, but the only difference between that and a legal huge wedding, is that we don't sign any papers during the ceremony. No biggie in my opinion, I prefer not having to pause and have the witnesses sign and stuff... Everything else is completely the same.

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You shouldn't have any issues because the wedding back in the USA will basically just be a party/celebration. It's not really your legal marriage. It's more of a public ceremony. You won't be signing your marriage license at that time either because you'll already be married. What you should do is make a call to your local marriage license office and pose that question just to make sure.

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Being in New Jersey, you are in luck. New Jersey is the only state I know of that has a procedure for issuing a marriage license to remarry the same person you are already married to. You even get a waiver from the normal 72-hour waiting period if you are marrying someone you are already married to. The only caution is that you will need to provide proof of your existing marriage to get the license for the remarriage. You'll need to check with the office in New Jersey to determine what proof of the Jamaican wedding you would need to bring. (There are often special notarization, etc., requirements for a foreign marriage certificate.)

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thanks guys for all the help and the link so far - just to clarify... the 2 of us want the intimate sunset jamaica beach wedding and the family wants the big wedding ceremony. the 2 of us are going to get married on the beach and not tell anyone. our main concern is that it does not complicate things (legal paperwork) back in the usa when we do the big family wedding ceremony the following year. from what we are gathering, do we just not register in the usa until we do the big family wedding in 2012? any complications with that?

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Normally, you don't need to register a non-US marriage in the US at all. You would just use the Jamaican marriage certificate if you wanted, for example, to change your name with the Social Security Administration, driver's license, etc. However, if you want to have a marriage license and legal record of the second ceremony, New Jersey will allow you to do so.

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If you want to make it super simple, just have the wedding in Jamaica, but leave out all the paperwork. Then when you get married the second time, it'll legally be for the first time. At least, that's how I would do it, just to avoid any potential confusion or hangups in paperwork.
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