Can the mother of the bride wear any color?
So my mother and I were talking about wedding colors... Dose she have to wear the same color of the bridesmaids or can she rock a color that is in my wedding.. example my colors are dark grey and teal. She loves grey and not teal... So she would prefer to wear grey.

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She can wear what whatever you and her would like. My mother also wants to stay away from grey and black. I decided that I wanted my mom to wear a different color than the bridesmaids though. I wouldn't want her dress to be the same color, but not the right shade. That would clash in pictures. Plus, I want my mom to be able to stand out :]

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She can wear grey if she wants. Really, she can wear any colour as long as it won't clash in pictures.

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I think she should rock whatever she wants. Even if she's asking you outright what she should wear, I don't think there's any need for her to match the BMs. It might be better if she wears a different color that coordinates, like grey, or navy, or pink.

My mom asked me to tell her what to wear. She finally picked out a very pretty long chiffon royal blue dress. My BMs are wearing champagne, GMs are wearing grey, and flowers are yellow. She's walking me down the aisle along with my dad, so she's going to be front and center. I think she's going to look great!

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I think she can wear whatever..My mother wanted to wear red like my moh..I sorta pushed her to a champagne or more complimentary color. I want her to stand out as my mom not a bridesmaid.

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let her find a dress that she feels beautiful in, that should be her only guideline :)

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I really want my mom to wear some sort of pink, because my colors are pink/ivory with gold touches... but to be honest I don't mind what color she wears as long as she feels good in it.

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IMO, the MOB gets to pretty much wear whatever color she wants, within reason. It's ok for you to suggest a color to her, but if she doesn't like the color, don't push it. Our colors are red, black, and white, my mom is wearing a really cute platinum dress we found at DB.

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I honestly don't think the color of the MOB dress matters. Like, my Mom isn't going to be in pictures with my bridesmaids (except my sister I guess) so it's mainly just me and I'm in white. So I think any color will be fine.

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ID say let her wear whatever... I told my mom, FH mom, and my step mom to wear whatever fall-ish color they wanted.

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Alina... this is true, except for your sister, like you pointed out, but also consider what FH will be wearing, they will be in pictures together as well!

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You're right, Judith. For me it won't be as bad because FH is wearing a black suit and my BMs are in chocolate brown dresses, which sort of go with most colors I think. But for others, that might not work out as well.

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Thanks so much! My mother brought this up to me today... and I want her to feel amazing as well! Just wanted to get know what rules I would be breaking :) So next question... where did y'all find your dress for your mother if you went with them or where did they find it?

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My mom crocheted or knitted (I can't remember which) her dress. It's bright pink! Which, I know, sounds insane. But it's not like scary hot pink bright but more of a bright rosey pink. So...yeah any color works.

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My mom is gonna wear Green. My colors are Green, silver, black and white. My FMIL isn't sure yet, and my Bridesmaids are wearing black and white, so they can wear whatever you want them to wear.

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She doesn't "have to" wear anything in particular. Some couples try to get the mothers to coordinate with the bridesmaids and each other. Even then, it would be unusual to have them wear the same color as the BMs. The usual thing is just to get them to wear a color that looks good with the BMs' color. If you do this, it is traditional to allow the mother of the bride to choose first, and then tell the mother of the groom what she will be wearing so the MOG can get something that coordinates.

The other alternative is just to let the mothers pick out something that looks good on them, and not to try to dictate the color. I definitely recommend this approach if there are more than two mothers (e.g., if bride or groom has a mother and a stepmother). Getting the mother and stepmother to be civil to each other is often enough of a challenge without also trying to get them to coordinate dresses.

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2d Bride thanks so much and your right!! I only have two so I think I will ask them to look at darker tones and leave it at that!
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