Can I redo wedding pics?
Our wedding pictures turned out absolutely horrible. We have more photos of our photographer and his wife than we do of me and my H. So we were thinking of going back to our wedding venue this fall and having pics done like it was our wedding day. No decorations just my husband and I in the beauty of the venue. We would wear exactly what we wore on our wedding day. The only thing I was going to re-order was our flowers. Is this wrong? My family supports it, and I want to have some pics but I will always know that they are not from our wedding. What do you think? Please answer honestly.

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First of all, give the photographer a HORRIBLE review and take him to court if the situation really calls for it. Pictures of him and his wife?! WTH?!?! Secondly, yes you know these pictures aren't from the wedding but they are another special time for you and will be beautiful. Go make yourself feel pretty and relive the magic. I would do the same thing! You only need your bouquet and his boutenierre so it isn't like a full flower order :)

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It's not wrong at all. Especially if you aren't happy with your pics. We're still debating if we're going to do the same thing. Mens Warehouse messed up my husband's order, even though he looked good, it wasn't what we had ordered. .
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I know of a girl who did exactly that her photographer took some really bad pictures she and hired a photographer after she saw the pictures of her original photogher took to redo them so no do your thing. That photogrpher owes you a refund as well.
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What you need to do is have the photographer pay for this, as well as not pay at all for the originals. This is BS. Part of the contract is to do a good job, and if they didn't do that, then the contract has been voided. If he says no, threaten to (and I'd prob do it anyways) let everyone know how bad he is, as well as posting reviews everywhere possible. It seems like your day is far passed and you've prob already paid him though.

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I don't think it's a bad idea at all! Even though it won't be of your actual wedding day... they'll be photographs that you can treasure for ever... I think you'll regret it if you don't. A friend of mine hates her wedding pictures and it's hard for her to even talk about it 3 years later.

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I am not going to review him because he is not on here and no one else will use him now anyway. He is out of the business. I am also not going to sue. Apparently he had some mental issues and they are still there. He truly thinks that he did an awesome job. But I have spoken to people that know him and they have told me that he was having problems around the time of our wedding. He is apparently not any better. He is having I guess some problems similar to alhzheimers sp?, or fugues or something. Anyway he can't think straight and he thinks he is normal. I feel really bad for him and his family, I truly hope that his doctors can figure out how to help him so he can get his life and his business back. He took amazing photos when he was healthy.
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I agree, not wrong at all. How terrible though :( This is why I won't rely on just one person for my pictures. I want to make sure I get at least a dozen or so awesome photos. Were there ANY that you like?

Brian Cesario Photography, LLC
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Folks, I realize that Nascar26 F has already indicated that she does not intend to sue, review the photographer, or demand a refund, but I want to caution everyone against giving such advice without knowing the entire story. There are often many details in situations like these of which we're unaware, and I would always encourage anyone to fact-find when a discrepancy arises with a vendor (any vendor). It's not clear why this person was in business if he was not well enough (mentally) to do so, and I do agree that what happened is very unfortunate, and I would absolutely recommend redoing the photos.

That said, I will now put on my psychologist hat, and ask you to PLEASE choose your words more carefully, Nascar. I'm referring to the last sentence of your most recent comment. A mental illness is a very real and very serious problem for the person suffering from it. Please don't perpetuate the stigma by using labels like "crazy", okay?

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@Brian, thanks well said. right there with ya!

Kimi k.
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Thank you Brian! (as you know about my son)!

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My question is what did you pay? Was this an actual professional? It seems to me like you tried to save and ended up regretting. References go a long way... maybe if you had asked others who used him you would have realized he wasn't what you were looking for. You get what you pay for.

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I think it is a fantastic idea, and definitely give them a bad review here on WW so other brides can be weary
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I think it's a great idea- especially if it will make you feel better!

I have to ask... was the photographer a friend?

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Oh man that's terrible about your pictures... If you guys really want to redo them I say go for it, I just hope it wouldn't be too expensive to reorder the flowers.

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I think it could be a very romantic 1 year anniversary date and gift to each other. I say go for it and have fun with it.

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Definitely redo them if you want. You want to have beautiful pictures of you in your gown with your hubby, so get them

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Thank you all for your support.
Brian and to all that I offended by my last line. I wasn't trying to insinuate that he is "crazy" I was just trying to lighten up the post. I was just referencing that line to to try to explain how he doesn't realize that he is having some issues. I am truly sorry for offending you and everyone else.

Also he was a coworker from a past job, but yes I spoke with references, and checked out his work. He did beautiful work. I saw albums, photos, collages, and digital media. He was very well referenced.

I believe that it was just an unfortunate occurance. He can not help that he got sick and I feel horrible for him and his family. I dont want to cause him or them any more pain by reviewing or putting his name out there. Like I said before he has gotten out of the business so no one else will be using him. This post was not even supposed to be about him, i just wanted some opinion on if I should redo my pics.

Brian Cesario Photography, LLC
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Nascar, speaking for myself and only for myself, I did not take an ounce of offense to your comment at all. I was merely trying to call your attention to how others might have interpreted it. Think of it as awareness-raising more than anything else. Sound good?

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If you saw his work and spoke with references then you did your work, personally I would ask him to atleast cover the cost or retakes.

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It is becoming more and more common for people to do after the wedding shoots to get poses that they weren't able to get, or didn't have time to get on the wedding day...We did ours about a month after the wedding....went back to the venue to get some great shots we didn't have time to get, then hit our favorite hotel lobby and the beach, since there was no time on our wedding day. I re-ordered my flowers was a lot of fun, and we got some great shots. I say go for it!
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