Can Mother of the Bride wear White?
Can my mom wear white if I'm wearing white? Or is that a no-no?

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It's a no-no if you don't want her wearing white... otherwise (as long as it doesn't look anything like your dress) I think it's fine... but others at the wedding might think it's tacky.

Does she have something in mind? And are you okay with it?

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There's a really cute dress at BCBG that's white, but not pure white. My colors are pink, yellow, and orange...the white dress comes in hot pink too, but I didn't know if that was way too bright for her to wear. It's an outside summer wedding.

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Traditionally you're supposed to be the only one in white.... The decision is yours to make though. I guess if it's an off-white/ivory? Still.... Black and white are kind of taboo as wedding attire.

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I don't know... its supposed to be your call but I wouldn't want people to think my mom is tacky by picking a white dress if they didn't know I picked it.

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Maybe post a pic so we can see it?

Typically white is a no-no, but depending on what it looks like, it might not distract too much.. Idk.
Maybe adding some color to it might work too.

My mom wore a black and white dress to my sisters wedding, it kinda looked like a dress tuxedo, it was really pretty. But it was more black than white obv.

But post a pic!

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I guess it all depends on what you want. If your ok with it, then ok. In my personal opinion, it does seem a little odd that she wants to wear white. can you ask her to add some color to her dress. Like wear a colored sash and bright colored necklace or something? Even if you don't mind her wearing all white, you don't want to go through the headache of everyone around you mentioning it or asking about it all night. That would get annoying fast :P

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Yeah have to go with everyone that its ehhh maybe you could add a shaw and other accents.. i'm with FutureMrsWelch on posting a pic, then we could give you ideas on adding to it.

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I looked this up and this is what is said about MOB wearing white DON’T choose a Mother of the Bride dress that matches the color of bridesmaid’s dresses exactly. The Mother of the Bride dress should stand out without competing with the dress of the bride. The color should compliment, not match

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soo it sounds like you found something to match what you want to do any ways! Good Luck!

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I would say no, especially since she's someone who will be in wedding pictures. I agree with Mom N. Stand out, but not compete with the bride.

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I do not want to sound like a bridezilla, but I wouldn't want anyone else wearing white at my wedding! Especially my mom, because a) other people might think it was tacky and rude of her to wear white b) she will be in your wedding photos, and might take the eye away from you ;) if that makes sense..

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I agree with Mom N as well the MOB should stand out but not compete with the bride. The bride should be the center of attention.
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Check out some great looks I just posted for the Mother of the Bride on my blog! I think everyone gave you great advice - old fashioned rules say no to mothers of the bride and groom wearing white out of respect to the bride but now adays, many brides are wearing other shades than white and attire fashions have changed dramatically. Bottom line: there are really no steadfast rules, almost anything goes. Just make sure you are comfortable with it! Hope you have all that you dreamed of and more on your wedding, Jennifer

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