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I'm recently engaged and starting the planning process. I definitely want an outdoor wedding where our family and friends can be together the whole weekend and have a ton of fun. I've been seriously thinking about a campground wedding. Has anyone done this, heard of someone doing this, or been to a wedding at a campground? (I'd choose a location with a hotel close enough for those who don't favor camping. :)) I'm trying to figure out if figuring out the logistics would be worth the experience and saving money! Thanks in advance!!! :)

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Our wedding is going to be at Slide rock State Park in Sedona, AZ. It is very close to campgrounds in Oak Creek. I am sure that is too far for you, but it has the same general idea. We thought about camping for the weekend with everyone, but unfortunately, most of our friends and family did not like the idea of camping (party poopers).

I still think it is a great and unique idea, especially if it is something you love to do as a couple. Also, I am sure there are many fun DIY projects, etc. that would make it a very fun, unique and personalized experience for you on your special day. Good luck!

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I have friends who did this. It was beautiful, but definitely a lot of work, as they had to bring in everything they needed like tables and chairs, etc. A lot of it would depend on what the campground has to offer- this one didn't even have picnic tables.

My biggest concern would be weather. If you check the boards right now, there's a whole lot of panic about weather. It's not too bad if you have an indoor option, but if you're banking on being able to do everything outside, I'd be worried about that! (Depending on where you are, of course.)

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My SIL is doing a weekend wedding at a farm, with camping as an option. I'm sure it will look beautiful in photos, but there are a lot of logistical challenges. All the food, furniture, decorations, etc will have to be trucked in. There are very few places to stay in the area, and guests will be driving on unfamiliar winding roads late at night. It's nowhere near an airport, so everyone will have to rent cars.

And, bugs. Let's not forget about all the bugs!

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hello, congratz and welcome.

Well i went to a camp ground wedding about a year ago, me and my fiance went because it was his best friend. it was really great, very beautiful, but wont lie it did look like alot of work because unlike other venues they had nothing there, also i would recommend since your is in the summer to, invest in alot of those off fans, or something close to it, that was the one thing i hated, i got ate up by mosquitoes, so bad that i left a day early because i was getting bit to many times ( i was getting swollen legs, or else i wouldnt have wussed out lol)

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I am doing this! There is a lodge on the grounds which is where the reception will be. The ceremony will be in front of the lake! A lot of our guest are camping some are staying at a hotel that is about 15 minutes from the site, my parents have a cabin up where it is so that is where my family is staying. I can't wait and i'll be sure to post pics as soon as we get home!

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I think you need to seriously consider the costs. If you have to travel, you have to transport all the tables/chairs/decorations, etc. Your caterer may charge much more for travel, and you menu will be very limited because of what can be put together on site or have to sit in containers for the long drive.

As someone who has spent alot of time camping- I'd want to be clean and pretty for my wedding- not icky and sweaty, showering with flip flops on, etc.

I think having the wedding at a more centralized park location would be a better option.

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How primitive is your camping style? Some people think an RV with air, water, "necessities" is roughing it, lol! Some campgrounds have a rec center. Is there one available in the area you want to get married in? You may be able to reserve it for a time, and then tables (maybe just picnic tables) might be available.

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I volunteer at a summer camp (in Idaho actually at a beautiful campground) and they have weddings there sometimes. If you look some place like a summer camp, then you get the outdoors camping feel but have access to a full kitchen and indoor locations (they need alternate plans for rainy days too). My sister's friend also had her wedding at a campground where she went when she was little and made a whole weekend of it- my sister had a great time. If it fits your personality, totally go for it! I'm not sure about the price of renting the whole place though.

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My friend's brother did this in a field/farmhouse in Virgina and it's one of the most beautiful and fun weddings I've ever seen! They had tents set out for all of their guests. I have no idea how much the total costs were, but I know they did everything themselves.

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We were hoping to do this but did not get the reservation we wanted so we couldn't. We planned to rent the group RV area at a beautiful state park less than 10 miles from our house. All of our friends and family love to camp and most of them have RV's. (and if they didn't want to stay it was no farther than any other place we would choose for the wedding) The group area is very secluded, has a nice building with a sink, electricity, wood stove and several tables and chairs (we wouldn't have had to rent anything). It also had very nice, clean bathrooms that were private and right next to the building.
Here in our area you can reserve spots 9 months ahead and that's what people do! I called in January for a September date and it was gone already :(
We have just decided to have our wedding at the park anyway, it will just be in the day use area.

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Great advice everyone! Thanks so much! My FH and I are gonna go scout out some potential sites in a few weeks, and we've also started to think about renting a luxury vacation home in the mountains with enough space to have a "backyard" wedding, just not in our own backyard!

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Look for campgrounds that offer different types of camping. We have just began planning our campground wedding and the site we picked offers cabins (bathrooms and kitchens), RV, Tent and Rental Homes. This allows every guest to find something they like. Also look for a campground that has a recreation building or pavilion to rent if you are worried about weather. The hunt for the perfect place is the most stressful part.
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