Camouflage Themed Wedding
Yes, the title is correct. I need some assistance with a few things. I don't know what color to use for the bridesmaids - orange - or sage green. I don't want it to be a real bright orange. I am only having one bridesmaid. I plan to have a white dress trimmed in camo.

Also, we have chosen antler candle holders for our centerpieces, but we are in question what color table lines to use... white or chocolate brown. Also, I don't know what to do for boquet flowers.
Any suggestions welcome PLEASE!!

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I vote sage green for your BM's, white table linens, wildflowers for your bouquet.

If you wanted to go camo crazy there are BM dresses with camo, trimmed in orange here
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Ok, so I admit I had to google this because I could not image how it would come together. However, i did find this site that had some ideas on how to pull it off and it not be over the top.

I would go for white or beige table linens. Sage for the BM dresses. It seems the sage green is easier to manage/find things. Good luck and PLEASE post pictures as you make decisions.
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Ok so.... we are doing camo too :) and claret. Since I thought most people do orange with camo. My moh is wearing clover, and the other 2 bm's are wearing claret. My dress isivory with claret. We are renting an antler cake holder. And doing a camo cake. Where did u find the candle holders.

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We are doing ivory linens with handmade camo table runners on the main tables. And red and green flowers

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Thank you everyone for your thoughts.

Lindsey - you and I could become great friends :)! Where are you renting an antler cake holder from? We are also doing a camo cake.

I found the candle holders on ebay - they aren't that big, but plan to put them on a mirror.

I LOVE the camo table runners, but don't know anyone to make them. They are so EXPENSIVE to purchase also.

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Have you considered snow camo? I stole my FHs snow camo overlayer and wear them as pjs, so cute!

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I vote for wildflowers too. I have seen it done with sage green BM dresses with a camo sash which I think is super cute

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Have you ever seen the show on CMT called my big redneck wedding..? They are usually camo and country so you could watch that and get some ideas...

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I'm from a local rental company! we could probably work out something on tIe runners- maybe we'll share!!!! LOl.

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lindsey I would be willing to work something out :))))
I really have not considered snow camo.
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Sage for the BM
Chocolate for the linens
Flowers-I'd go for wildflowers but that's a biased answer because I like wildflowers!

Snapdragon Studio
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I also think wildflowers would look great! Here are a few ideas:

Snapdragon Studio
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.... and a few more! {Sorry they're so big}

Ole McDonald Had A Beach
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that site EDubbs posted is awesome!!

Please post pics!! :)

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Thanks Jennifer. I LOVE this first picture of flowers. You ladies are the greatest and make my theme seem possible!

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New on ebay are SNOW CAMO wedding invitations ! They have the other mossy oak camo too but I LOVE the Snow look!

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New on ebay snow white wedding invitations see picture below

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Hi my name is Krysta and I was wondering if you got your table runners, and if so did you rent or buy. If you bought them where did you get them all the sites I've seen are really expensive, and if you rented where did you rent from? I'm really anxious to hear from you. I was thinking about making some but that seems expensive and I'm not sure what I would do with them after the wedding. If you want you can email me at Thanks and good luck on your wedding

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I am having a camo wedding also I found a guy who is doing 250 invites and 250 rsvp cards for like $140 he is in kentucky. I also have attached a picture of how I am doing my bouquets and boutenirres. If you go to you can get silk flowers from there. I bought just about all the flowers I need for my wedding and to make 9 bouquets for $120.

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